Here is my list of things that is perfect for this season. (June)

Dude! Put some flowers in your hair!
Flowers are everywhere nowadays.  We Swedes go crazy with making flower hair pieces on midsummer eve. But this is a fashion statement that I think works all summer long!

Visit a grave
Yes! When was the last time you went to visit a deceased relative?

We live close to a church and every sunday morning people come with flowers or candles for a loved ones graves. I really like that. But I´ve noticed that most of theses visitors are over 50 years old. How about us 30-something-folks. Why are we not frequent grave decorators? Or maybe you are?
While out driving this summer stop by an old relative or friend that is no longer with you and say hello.

Protect your self like a true champion!
If you are anything like Rocky you will be showing a lot of skin this season. Please be responsible and cover yourself with sunscreen.


Put a foot print in your pocket.
Summertime usually entails lots of visiting new places and spontaneous shopping and so on. It is sooo annoying finding something cute for your kids and not having them along to try it out. Shoes especially, I find it so hard guessing their size just by looking a the shoe. So I try to keep an up to date footprint in my purse, that I can measure . This is what it looks like at the moment.

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