Hey babes! Here are some activities perfect for this season.

Zombies flowers
Summer is just around the corner and I want to head over to the flower nursery and stock up on pretty much everything there for my garden. But Jenny wait! before I go there spending half my salary I will take a closer look at my old pots left in the shed with plants I´ve presumed dead. Because you know what? You might find quite a lot of life there.
Clean them up and give them some water and they will bloom again.


Some are broken. Some are too small. Some are too damn hot.
Everyday of summer I have to wrestle my winter boots to find my flip-flops in our big shoe bin. I don´t know why, but no one in this family bothers to take them down to the basement. Until now! Today I have done just that. I even sorted out the ones that were to small or broken.



Don´t let her beauty fool you
Every year I admire the dandelions when they first bloom. – “Aaa so pretty, how can they be so unwanted. So hated?” And then a couple of weeks later I understand why they are so unwanted. They spread themselves all over the yard (and also the neighbor´s) and seem to be unstoppable. On some parts of the yard the grass has completly vanished. This year I will pull them by the roots. (Update: it was a failed mission)



Face your Fears.
This project is perfect for a warm spring day when you just want to be outside without doing any heavy work. Instead take the opportunity to get rid of some of your fears. All you need is pens and papers and an open mind. Head over to this post to see what fears Viola and I are dealing with.




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