Jens and Jenny´s Studio


This is our house.
We are currently adding a studio to it.(marked in pink in the picture above) It will be quite big with room for my photography and Jens illustrating/3D and graphics business.
It has taken years to get this approved. The paper work here in Sweden regarding an addition like this is quite comprehensive and takes a lot of time and energy. Anyway now we are finally building it. Hopefully we will be ready to move in after Christmas.





Jens and I will split the space up in two sections. One for me and one for him.
As you can see on the sketch we will be able to reach the studio from our house (right through Australia as a matter a fact) and also through an entrance from the street. As you know, Jens and I have both been working from home since we moved here 7 years ago and sure it´s been nice but also very messy and sometimes chaotic . Here is what our working situation is like at the moment. And we´ve used diffrent places for me to set up a studio usually in our living room. I´m currently shooting a catalog in my sisters garage and I´ve used my fathers often. Like here!

photo 2-1

The construction is made in wood. All windows and doors are bought second hand via Blocket.  I´ll tell you more about it soon.

photo 1-1


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We are adding a studio to our house


For years we´ve been planing to ad a studio to our house, and now it is finally happening. As you know Jens and I both work from home and it is a bit crowded but not for long. After Christmas we will be moving ourselves, our computers and other work related stuff out there.

I´ve even said to Jens:” Let´s just stay out there forever and let the kids have the rest of the house”


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FAQ about Jenny´s Living room walls


I often get emailed about the color in this room. And here is the answer:
The dark blue wall is painted in Beckers Himlavalv NCS-5723-R95B


And the opposite side of the room is painted in Beckers Puderrosa  NCS S 1010R (this picture is a bit bright)

I´m going to paint more walls in this pale pink shade. It´s just perfect.

PS. read more about the cabinet that Jens decorated for me here!

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Like being on a train to Hogwarts


A couple of weeks ago I was on a train for 8 hours – going cross country in Sweden. From Borlänge close to my cottage and off to Gothenburg where I was giving talks at the Hem & Villa Fairs.  We started off early morning and it was so dark and the train spit out green sparks from the wires on top. So it was raining green and it was all foggy for hours. Above a snapshot from the train.


Apparently the train was build in the beginning of the 60′. So cool – I was blown away! I also kept listening to the podcast Serial. Do you follow it?  It’s a real murdercase that happened in 1999. But what happened? and is the man found guilty by trail really guilty? It’s a very well done postcast.


This is what the big compartments looked like.


It was a looong but sweet train ride. Worst part was the lack of internet.
But I had time to look out of the window and imagine all the lives people are leading in the towns I passed.


And when I go to Gothenburg I found my own face glued to many tramcars. Kind of funny!



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Out and about with Jenny


People who know me know that I try to stay at home (above) as much as possible. But lately work has taken me to quite a few fun places.
Come along and let me show you.


Sydsvenskan is a Swedish daily news paper. Their interior photographer is on vacation and I´ve been asked to fill in for him. I really like their layed back- type of photography style and I´m happy they asked me to help out during this fall. In a few weeks my photographs will be in their Sunday- Home- section all through November and December.  Above I´m in one of the homes I shoot for them where i met Chucky.


and here I´m brushing my teeth with Instagram poet Motvallskarring


Skåneleden booked me to shoot 25 of their hiking trails. This means I´ve been enjoying the great outdoors quite a lot the past months.

Here I´m trying to find the right trail for my mother and I to hike and photograph. Later I met a kid in the woods who had been camping there with his dad. He told me that they had heard a fox outside their tent at night and then he told me he could sound exactly like it and then he did.


Here I´m cuddling with a pig I met while photographing for the local tourist department.


I´ve visited many local sights for them but this place, above,  is my favorite, where I got to meet these awesome Viking women. I got to spend a day with them at Trelleborgen in Trelleborg where they work. They know all about how the vikings used to live, they can teach you how to shoot a bow and they can survive in the wilderness for months. I loved them and will take my kids there next summer.


That´s it for now.
PS.Yesterday the sunset was this pretty at our village.

have a nice weekend.


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New chairs, the police & a drunk man.


Last night I went to buy some chairs on Blocket (our Swedish  Craigs list). My dad was taking me and before picking me up I had to withdraw some cash. On my way to the ATM machine I noticed a big man standing on the street, swaying like he was holding up the house he was leaning against. He didn’t looked or acted like the normal kind of drunk but still people passed smirked at him and laughed a bit. I thought but what if he has a stroke or anything and the we all just pass and nobody does anything. So I asked the man how he was doing and if he needed any help. Well he needed help cause he was so pissed he couldn’t stand straight but he could still talk although a bit wish washy. He was clear but not at all. Told me to ring his wife and when I couldn’t get hold of her I had to call the police. He was gonna hurt himself falling and way to big for me to help. After a while I got hold of the wife – it seemed as if this was no news for her. She had enough. He told me he had been drinking for 4 days straight and how he was a total looser but in a way drunks can do- like they are a bit proud of being at the bottom and that life is something that just happen and that he himself had nothing to do with it.
You know I’m writing this since it was all such a weird and tragic thing. He was not super drunk or made a total fool of himself but he talked about his family and how he’s messing it up. It’s just life for so many people out there. I’m feeling for the kids and the wife. How he seemed like an nice man but also an asshole. How difficult that is when somebody are both – like we all can be sometimes but also when this assholw comes out to play a bit too much. I’m a close family member to someone with drinking problems. I know how awful it is and how hard it is. After an hour the cops came and where really sweet. They drove him to a clinic to sober up. I’m glad they didn’t just dump him on his wife, at home. I did give the wifes number to the cops. But it turned out I gave the wrong number so the cops called the people I was buying chairs from! That was kind of funny. I wonder what they thought of me haha.
The chairs where great. But they will get a new color and new fabric. I’ll show you when I’m on it!

I hope everything will get better for the man and his family.



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