Life At Jenny´s House

8B7B1305I´ve been terrible at keeping my camera close at the house lately. But today I took some “everyday-kind-of-pics” and here they are.
1.Frank´s been building this train track


2. The kids have continued their hunt for Pokémons and today we even found some at a fleamarket. YAY! 8B7B1331

3.The studio, with all the stuff that´s going on.8B7B0591

4. Frank looking sweet in his cosmo shirt

5. Also I´ve played Dragon Vale, hours and hours of it on the phone, totally hooked. (That´s what´s been keeping me off Instagram, incase you´re wondering)

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Another short film


Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

We keep filming our way through the summer. Here we´re at Burger King with the kids.

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Summer offer in our shop


Jens and I have put together 3 bundles as a summer deal. The bundles consist of our best sellers. There are 3 different bundles to choose from, as seen in these pictures. Click the images to go shopping.

bundle111 bundle-3a

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When we went swimming at Lalandia, Billund, Denmark

We love water parks. Especially in black and white and with some dramatic background music. With @breakfastdesign (we filmed this at the water park Lalandia, Denmark )

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