All nighter


I’m pulling an all nighter in the studio, going thru my work archive looking for new prints for our shop. Christmas is coming up and we need to offer some nice gift ideas for you =) Jens is also at his computer, beside me, trying to get ahead of this week’s work. It’s grey and rainy outside, and I’m eating old nachos. I’ve combed the kitchen for other treats, believe me, but found nothing else so they’ll have to do.

Ok, back to work. Below you can see some of our work.
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Random things from our house


Previously in the life of Jenny:
I cleaned out our shed.
I trapped a mouse in our shed.
I built a playhouse for our cat Saba on the beams of our second floor.
I busted my back.
Other then that: work, school and more books (Frankenstein, Mrs Dalloway, The Widow).

Picture above: The nest in Frank’s ceiling has gotten a revival, that’t where all the action is nowadays.

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The leaves are turning


Jens took advantage of the red leaves in our yard and made a bird in the studio.


Viola is quite the film photographer nowadays…
and filmed the creation with her computer.8b7b5364

Then she made a nest under the table to edit in. That’s all we did this weekend.

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