Vintage frames painted black

Look at this cozy corner of our studio.
I’ve been stocking up on vintage frames (easy to find at pretty much any fleamarket) and painting them black for our photographs and I really like the result.
As you´ve noticed I’ve been away from dos a while, but now I’ve crawled out of my hibernation (where I form all my plans) and this week I have some pretty sweet news for you. So stay tuned.

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Middle of the week songs – Lennon, Bush, Terje and Shimizu


Here´s a song I’ve been playing a lot lately. “Watching The Wheels” by John Lennon.
It´s a bit blue, especially if you feel like you are , in fact, stuck in that merry go round. If you are and don’t want to dwell on it – skip to the next song.

“Delorean Dynamite” by Todd Terje.
Ohhh  I really enjoy his music. Check out his page if you like.
This song is perfect if you want to keep moving forward even though it’s a struggle.

“Cloudbusting” Kate Bush
This video is so great. I thought it was from a “real” movie when I saw it on MTV as a kid, a movie I really wanted to see more of.

“Kakashi”  Yasuaki Shimizu
If a 3 minute song is not enough to get you out of the blues- you should listen to this album. Keep it playing in the backround of your day. It’s playfull and unexpected. A pure joy.

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pussy power hat project


I’ve been crafting this weekend. Making mini Pussyhats for things in our house. The amazing gatherings around the world for the Womens March got me going. Since I’m not into crowds (not even crowds of amazing people) I did not go marching, instead I made a small army in the privacy of my own home.
The figurin above of a girl comforting her doll is my favourit.

_B7B0799It was not hard finding pink material. That color is everywhere in our house. I started out with a bra, duct tape, and some random tiny plastic toys that had cat ears. Batman looked like the perfect match but his ears turned out to be too tall and too pointy. I continued scalping my way through the kids toy box and finally found a little dog that gave me the perfect hat for the girl’s doll above. The girl got her fuzzy hat from a stuffed puppy that I found in the basement._B7B0832

I picked this guy up at a fleamarket, he was practically begging me for a hat.

Nail polish is great for crafting.

This little one needed something to fit a Marie Antoinett crowd.

Jens and me in the studio.


Yes, I know The My Little Pony scalp would make the perfect hat for my project but I could not bare to cut her, so I manipulated a picture of her and me instead.

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