Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all you maniacs out there. Here are some of my favorite alter egos over the years.









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King & Queen of Halloween


Happy Halloween y’all! What will you be doing – going as today? In Sweden is amazing how this celebration is growing. In just a couple of years it has come from non existing celebration to a big thing. I love it! Jenny has featured a lot of cool Halloween post past years – check then out here.

Official photo from the Swedish court found at Bea Åkerlunds Instagram.

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Hang with Isabelle in Stockholm November 29


I will do a talk and give a crafting session for you and your kids in Stockholm November 29th.
Since it’s in Sweden I ‘ll continue this post in Swedish.

Lördagen den 29 November kommer jag ha en en liten grupp – 10-15 personer max, på  Mosebacke som kan få lyssna på en föreläsning om barn och barnrum. Hur man får ihop hela familjens önskemål i ett hem helt enkelt. Sen kommer vi ha en pysselstund och om man vill så kan man ta med sig foton, ritningar och idéer hemifrån så hjälper jag gärna till med en liten konsultation på plats.

Rum För Kidsen- boken kommer också kunna köpas till ett specialpris. Och Såklart så kommer vi att fika under tiden!
Det här är ett erbjudande till dem som har Mastercard – så om ni har det och är sugna så följ denna länk!
En förälder plus barn kostar 500 kr – har ni flera barn så lägg på 100 för varje.

Tror det komemr bli toppenkul!


Föreläsningen & pysseförmiddagen bokar ni här




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About Jenny and Jens work ethics


Jens and I both work from our shared home in our joint company.
This means that we are together pretty much 24 7.   It also means that:

We share the ups and downs of our work as well as our coffee.
We can fight over what music to listen to. (But today we both agreed on Jedee Sill- Jesus was a crossmaker)
Our work is done at desks where we have dinner at night with the kids (This will soon change cause we are adding an extra room to our house for a proper workspace).
We can only get to those desks by tippy toeing through the landscapes of crap that the kids have left on the floor.
We can do laundry while the work inspiration is gone.
Jens is forced to listen to me ranting about the latest Days Of Our Lives episode as I watch it during lunch break.“I really hope that Sami and Lucas get back together”. “Oh please Daniel take that silly necklace off. It looks ridiculous”. “Wow he has not aged one bit- I wonder if they do facelifts on that deserted island he´s been on for 10 years?”
And sometimes we take a break together and go for a walk (rarely) or just watch an hour of Youtube clips (more likely)

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About Jens work
Other music we agree on: Click here for our Valentine music list
More Days Of Our Lives – talk with Jenny (and some ebay finds)


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About my hair


This is not going to happen to me soon enough I might have to give nature a little peroxide-help.

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Behind the scenes with the Instamag Ljus!


I’m working with the Instagram magazine Ljus that you can follow here. But how did we do this collaboration? Well since I love lamps and thinks it’s very easy – working from home I just brought the team to my place. The lamps was all there – the decoration works and as you can see above even my kids took part. Yes, I pay them. Good extra money for them to enjoy when they’re older and I feel better using them.


Here are the team from Duo Blau with photographer Victor and director Fredrik and also the team from Isobar who is the ad agency behind the idea of making a magazine for Philips on Instagram. In this photo we’re putting lights behind my tv. I stopped counting how many things I’ve produced in this apartment. For the magazine they asked me to give their best tips ehen it comes to lamps ans lights. There will be some small instagram films, some diy tips and other tricks. I hope you like it although the tips are in Swedish.


Here I’m standing on my kitchen top. Talking about lights up in the ceiling. This is the view from the photographer Victor – I stole it from his Instagram.



And this is my view – watching the crew!

You can also see us all do a #officialdancefriday on this link
Every other day I post tips – on how to get a great light at home. This is a collaboration with Philips.

Check out the Instagram Magazine Ljus – right here.



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