Life At Jenny´s House


We have decided to put our house up for rent for a few weeks this summer when we are abroad. We are going to a wedding in the US and will be away for 3 weeks. Seems like such a waste not renting it our for the summer holidays. I´ll tell you more about it when we´ve figured out all the details. But if you´re interested let me know.

This weekend we´ve been gardening, BBQing and working. So it´s been like any other weekend this may.


My brother in law came over with some lunch for us.jennyfromdosfamily-8571

The sky has been in a foul mood.jennyfromdosfamily-8806-2

Swinging in the yard


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Going riding with Frank


This week the whole family went with Frank to his riding lesson. We took a 20 minut walk in the forrest with Frank´s favourite horse “Cobby”. Frank talked non stop. He asked the girls if it´s possible to ride a dinosaur. He asked them if they know who Optimus Prime is, and then he told them about Optimus Prime.  He continued to chatt about how his thoughts during the day becoms a soup in his brain that his dreams are made of. He also talked about death, and wondered if birds bury their bird friends when they die. And then about Pippi and all the crazy stuff she has done.


Frank has been riding for a while now. It´s offered to us by the habilitation services in our town. The riding is a great addition to Franks physical therapy and does wonders for his balance. For those of you who don´t know our son Frank suffered an aneurysm when he was in my belly. This has left him with limited use over his limbs on the right side of his body. Every week he takes swimming and riding lessons and he loves it. You can read more about it here


Do you see that little ring between Frank´s hands? That ring is usually turned the other way, but as soon as Frank get´s up on Cobby´s back, Frank flips that ring and makes a litte clicking sound as if it´s the enging starting. 8B7B90388B7B9070-2

On our way to the car we were caught in this window.

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A house on top of the stairs – instead of a banister


We made this little house out of MDF building boards to serve as a barrier to the staircase on our second floor. The railing did not go all the way around the staircase and our budget did not allow us to make a fancy banister.

When we moved into our house, the second floor was nothing but an attic. You could walk up the stairs , but it only lead you to a wall and a door out to the cold storage space. We re-did the attic into our living area (with 3 bedrooms and a bath). The renovations worked out nicely but left us with a ugly gap by the stairs.

Someday we´ll probably do a proper banister but at the time we did not have any more money to spend on home improvment and this alternative would keep the kids safe and not be to hard on our wallet. Also it is such a cute addition to our second floor.


This is what it looked like before the house. Not very inspiring. dosfamily-howtobuildahouse

The box was put together in this order. You´ll need a saw, glue and a screw driver and a helping hand.
I hope it makes sense.
Start from the bottom with no 1, 2, and 3. Ask your “helping hand” to hold the board in place while you glue and screw it in place.
A whole board did not fit our staircase so the back is divided in two pieces (4, 5)
Cut the edge of the board in an angle before you attach it , see below.
Lastly add the roof, 6 and 7, and putty the holes before you paint it.

It is currently white but I want to change the color or add some wallpaper. If ou get any bright ideas let me know!




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Life At Jenny´s House – Blues Brothers, Gummo and Roy Orbinson


I´ve been keeping my camera close this weekend. This is what it caught.

A horse enjoying the warm wind with her eyes closed.jennyfromdosfamily-8743

When Elwood gets done explaining how he traded the cadillac for a microphone and then bought a police car at an auction both Frank and Viola join Jake and say:  “The day I get out of prison my own brother picks me up in a police car!”


Ever since we cried our way through Big Hero 6, all the members of our family has left Baymax drawings all over our house. We are so in love with him and Hiro. Such a great movie. This drawing on the door is starting to fade.


Jens made me this picture of the rabbit boy in Gummo 10 years ago. Today I´m putting it back up.

Remember the kissing scene in the pool in Gummo? To the the song Crying by Roy Orbinson?
I love Roy Orbinson , such an intoxicating voice. I´ve been listening to him this weekend, and will leave you with this video from another unforgettable movie:  Lynch´s Blue Velvet, where Roy Orbinsson´s song “In dreams” is featured.

BONUS: Just look at Dennis Hopper in this clip- he looks just like Owen Wilson!

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Life At Jenny´s House


I´m going to go outside now with my cat and have a hotdog. I´m bringing this blanket incase it get´s chilly. I´ll leave you with these picture from our day.jennyfromdosfamily-8679

Viola got a haircut.


This is where we live. Our village from a far.jennyfromdosfamily-8697

We extended our purple table today so we don´t have to clear it every time we want to eat. Now we have room for both food and all our other stuff at the same time.jennyfromdosfamily-8696-2 jennyfromdosfamily-8730

I ´m running out of wall space, so tonight I´m hanging pictures on our map.


Good night

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Life at Jenny´s house – The cuckoo, the horse and the nightingale

jennyfromdosfamily-8533-2Here are some random pictures and information from our everyday life.
(If you want to know what our house have been sounding like as well? Then try this tune: Erkin Koray´s Turku. It makes a pretty good soundtrack to this post)

Yesterday it was raining. Not a heavy depressing rain but a light drizzle, you know the kind that makes everything smell fresh. Jens convinced me to go with him for a run in the woods. Which turned out to be a really good thing because I saw a big frog and a tiny snake and I also heard both a cuckoo and a nightingale. Back home Jens made us some panncakes. I´m reading “Shutter Island” at the moment. Every morning when I braid Viola´s hair she askes me to tell her about it. I tell her bits and pieces and she makes up her own theory about how it´s going to end. I hope she is wrong because her version is really scary.

I bought Frank this dino at a garage sale and he cares for it like it´s his little baby.


The sky has been acting like this lately.


Viola had her super cool friend Josefin over, and they let me take their picture.


When Viola and I were looking for Viola´s home-work in the car the other night, this Superhorse walked by and showed off her new tattoo.

That´s it.

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