Happy Easter


I´m signing off work now for a few days of Easter celebration.
See you soon.
Happy Easter.


PS: Buying a discoball was such a great decision.

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I made some wallpapers !


Last half year I have been working together with Mr Perswall to make a special collection and today we launched them! It has been so much fun. I guess the whole process started with the book and being in the kids zone. Just thinking about what would be great for a playful mind. The cloud above is actually a cushion that I have made and then it’s a photograph of it that turned into different wallpapers. I guess the clouds is a classic – and this is a twist. All the images me and Jenny made at her house – remember this post?

Mr Perswall ship world wide and the wallpapers are digitally printed and you can make them in any size you want!


In the beginning I had an idea of some punk kind of mountains and then I got a vision of Tigers- cause kids love them right? I call this one Mount Tigermore.


The big Robot is completely an inspiration and a follow up on Jenny and Jens fantastic work with these big toys that they made as a photo story for the magazine MAMA. I also borrowed Jennys spray painted golden Robots and they made a great detailed photo of it and changed them at Mr P. They now come in two different shapes.
I mean who doesn’t want a huge Robot at home? And thank you Jenny!


These are the Robots but as a pattern.


These patterns above and below are made out of my old collection of scented erasers that I call “The smell of magic”. My dad saved a big box of them on his attic and when I found them I got ecstatic. They are so cool. So I made one with a kaleidoscopic touch, a alphabet or just use the letters to spell a name or tagline that you like. And then a random all over print. That one also comes with a purple background. Viola – Jenny’s daughter has a test of this wallpaper in her wicked cool room!



Well I can’t really take credit for coming up with this “Epic Sunrise” pattern but it’s a great one and I made some color combinations and I like the idea of the brick wall to layer it all up.


This one comes from thinking about all these sport loving kids out there. Use a soft ball and play inside! This is called “Come on let’s play” The cool thing is since you order the wallpaper by any size you want. Make the goal a cool headboard for a bed or a gigantic goal for playing inside?


You can also buy the goal, cut it out and glue it on another wallpaper or a painted wall or the garage door.



I’m a bit messy at home and one day I left my necklaces laying on our floor. I just thought it looked great. Also reminds me about summer.


This one is actually a mistake- we made something else and hit a wrong button on the computer – suddenly I was just like – stop! Love this ‘Stripey Leopard’


I also like the idea of a classic pattern from far and then when you look close you see the horses. Remember when I lost my bag on the train? In that bag was the horses that we wanted to photograph and the necklaces above, the cloud and some robots. So lucky I got it back! You can find the “I Love Horses” wallpaper here.

Hope you like them?


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The Family Tour has been updated


Do as this funky family has done. Send us you family portrait!
The Family Portrait Tour has been updated with more families.  Check it out here!

And don´t miss all the families who joined back in 2009. And so are the families who joined in 2012

You are amazing! Thank you!

Click here to see all the families who have joined our family tour 2014!

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Life At Jenny´s House

Every time I look at myself I think I´m actually looking at my big sister Anna. I look more and more like her. This makes me happy because now it feels like a see her every time I pass a mirror. But in real life I don´t see her as often cause she lives in Nebraska.

Here are a few pictures from life at my house.
Also thank you for all the likes on the previous selfie. (@jennyfromdosfamily)    dosfamily-life7

Frank and Saba the cat are getting ready for one more day spent on the couch.


this disco ball looked really nice in the sun yesterday…


until it fell down and broke.dosfamily-life1 So many cool cups for my coffee break.

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The A-z of dance is going on reapeat at my casa

All these mega cool dances – me and the kids will practice all our vacation. We have been playing this on repeat for over an hour!

Detah drop!! Chicken soup! All thode rumba spinns – amazing. And that little b-Girl terra - remember her? Simply amazing all of it!

Happy Monday

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15/52 Selfie Jenny From Dosfamily


Jens made an illustration of half my face for this weeks selfie.

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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