Pulling an all nighter in the studio


Friday night in the studio. Coffee and music to keep me going.
I’m making a rack for my pictures for the design fair on Saturday. We won’t be able to nail things to the wall at this venue but I think this will work nicely.

PS: Idea stolen from Atom_47 

This is art photo from our shop. Find it here.

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Formskapets designbazaar in Helsingborg This Saturday


Tomorrow I’ll be selling our prints at Formskapets Designbazaar. In Helsingborg (Johanna, above, is decorating the window as I’m writing this)
Where: At Kulturhotellet, Södergatan 15, Helsingborg
When: Tomorrow, Saturday the 10the of December.

Below is a picture of me at the last Formskapet bazaar. With Bea from Atom 47 she we’ll be there tomorrow too, but I wont bring the clown this time.12519386_1602679936659635_508897073_n



Read more about the event on Facebook and follow @formskapet on instagram (where I stole the pictures by the way)

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Christmasy music – Arne Domnérus and John Coltrane


I’m hearing a lot of complaints about Christmas music from people around  me. So here’s a two great jazz albums for that cozy, candlelit mood, without the jinglebells.
Jazz is overall pretty christmasy but this two albums especially.
John Coltrane Quartet “Ballads” from 1963.
Listen to it on Spotify via this link.
Listen to it via Youtube via this link.


If you’re into jazz you probably know the Swedish jazz-wonder Arne Domnérus. If not- you’re welcome, here he is.
This album is a little bit more up tempo then Coltrane.
It’s Arne Domnérus’ Diamanter.
Listen to it on Spotify via this link.
Did not find this album on Youtube. I did however find this wonderful track “Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton“, it’s played in a Swedish Christmas show, that’s shown every Christmas Eve.

It’s also on Spotify.


I know you can’t control what they play in shops, at your work or on the radio. But when possible tune in to Spotify and listen to some jazz.

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