The plant killer

dosfamily-dead (1 of 1)

This is how I treat my plants. They die on me all the time.

Last night I dreamt that a distant relative of mine had past away and in her will she stated that she wanted me to have all her plants.
“Oh. ok. sure” I mumbled as a respond when my mother told me the news.
“Jenny, you must realize that these flowers have been in our family for several generations and some of them are over 300 years old, are you sure you can handle them?”

Then I woke up.


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A new sofa for Jenny

IMG_2346 (1) jennyssofa1

Last week I found yet another sofa for our house. Jens and I drove to Malmö to pick it up.
It´s a blue corner-sofa from the 50´s. I´ve been looking for  something for our dining table for a while and settled on this booth-like alternative. My gosh there are so many vintage sofas out there and so little time.

I also picked up the lamp you see in the picture.


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A box of old lamp parts


Look at all these beautiful brass parts I found. They are random parts for chandeliers and light fixtures and I think they´ll make great candle holders. The whole box cost next to nothing and it was a treat unpacking it.8B7B9867

I bought the box mostley because of these porcelain parts. So pretty. I hope I can use them in the studio.

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Life at our house


Frank found a tape recorder at his grandparents. He carries it around everywhere. Constantly changing betweeen radio and tape, flipping through the channels, winding the tape back and forth and adjusting the levels. Tweeking the sound, so to speak.


It´s pretty dark and grey here now when the snow´s all gone.8B7B9710

Frank hanging out in our gymnastic rings. They are still our best toy. See more about them here.


Every meal infront of the telly, that´s how we roll.


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