This Is Art – new print in Jenny & Jens´ shop


We´ve added a new print in the shop. The photo “This is Art” comes in several colors.
Go see them all here!

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Life at Jenny´s House



Viola and I watched Luc Besson´s “Leon” the other night. We cried and cried and cried.
“This is the best movie I´ve ever seen” she told me through the sobbing. When I was Viola´s age “Nikita” came out, also by Luc Besson.
Have you seen it? It is so violent and Nikita is so French and cool. When I think about that movie I remember two things: 1. Nikita  laughing while wearing such a cute top with strawberries on it. 2. When she throws herself down a ventilations system after an intense scene in a restaurant.

Here are a couple of things that I think Viola will remember about “Leon”. 1. That Mathilda smoked, even though she was so young. 2. Her choker. 3.The ending. At least those are the things she keeps talking about.

(Picture of the agate mineral above has nothing to do with the movie, it´s just one of the many things I have on my desk)


Many have asked for prints in the standard European size 50×70 cm, so I´ve added a section for them in the shop. Go Buy them there.


Viola drawing.

Jens and Axtone Records have been working together for 10 years. Hear him talk about their 10th anniversary in this short video.

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It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I don´t know what has gotten over me but I´m in the best Christmas mood this year. I´ve been playing Christmas Jazz on Spotify since October, bought all my gifts and watched the National Lampoons Christmas movie a few times already.

This weekend I even attended a Christmas crafting event at church. I managed to make the wreath-like decorations for our door to the studio, above.
Today I´m getting some more greens for the pots and then all I need is some snow.

You know what I´ve noticed. It works better for me to embrace Christmas in November, when it´s still far from the stress that December usually brings. In November it´s all just nice.

We usually take the easy way out and go to my sisters house in Nebraska. She is the queen of Christmas and my kids will always remember the fairy tale-like Christmas that she has created for us. However this year we´re staying home and it will be nice too.

Now Jens and I are headed out for some filming at the beach, the weather is freezing but pretty.

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Jenny & Jens´s prints for you to buy


I´m so happy to show you our shop that we´ve been updating this week.
Go to and check it out and please do order yourself an early Christmas gift. You´re worth it.

All orders will be printed on demand at a printer in Germany or California, US. What ever is closest to you.
You will get an order confimation with tracking no. and the print will be delivered to you in a few days.

More prints to come later this week. Let me know if you have any special requests.



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Ikea Cat

blogggge1 Today I´m taking our cat Saba to a Ikea photoshot. I hope she will cooperate.

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My Face delivered in a roll, by Mr Perswall


Holy Moley I look amazing as a wallpaper.
(So glad I asked Jens to remove all my nosehair before I sent it to the wallpaper printer)

Mr Perswall does costumized wallpaper and the delivery is superfast. I ordered this only a couple of days ago, and got it today. Perfect timing for a weekend project.
They also sell ready to order wallpaper designs like this romantic “Blossom” and I´m sure you remember the Isabelle McAllister collection.


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