About two and a half year ago, i recived an e-mail from Jenny, asking me if she could visit me for some photos off my apartment, -well, of course you can! I sad. At that moment we had know idea that I some day also would blog here. Strange but oh so fun! Anyways, she took some awsome pictures, and today I was thinking that I would show you want have happend in my apt, during this two and a half years, since you last saw it.

The skyline over Stockholm is one of my proudest DIY, and as you can see. The city has changed.

I have shorter hair, but the same clock haning around my neck. A lot of new stuff has moved in since the last visit.

An old selfmade cut and paste picture has left the room, for a map that I have made about when vegitibles areΒ  in season.

Same rug, but diffrent shoes. Yellow Converse this time, instead of white ones. I like color!

It was better before. To much stuff, to smal apartment. Our bedroom/workroom. Crowded with things!