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  • Life at my apartment

    Day four in the sofa. Fever still high and now the second child has gotten the bug. All the babysitters are also sick. Well I just had to cancel my work and go with it, the thing called life. Things happening at home: -We talk about what happens to all the socks that goes missing in the washing machine? – Laugh at the swapping faces live feature in Snapchat. Follow…

  • Berlin – a detail

    Coolaste meny – visar-lådan jag sett. Och restaurangen såg grym ut den med! På hörnet Alte Schönhauser Str. & Mulackstrasse i Mitte. // Love this little menu box. And the restaurant looked great as well. On the corner of Alte Schönhauser Str. & Mulackstrasse in Mitte. Då tänker jag lite på golvet av Lily’s Burger i stockholm. // A bit like the floor at Lily’s Burger in Stockholm.

  • Kollijox and things in her basement

      This is Jennie Blomkvist. Aka Kollijox. She is an artist and I photographed her house this summer.  While I was there I snuck down to her basement where I know she does all her art and snapped some photos of things laying around. I love “things laying around” they tell you a lot about the person living there.