I feel just as crazy as I look in the pic! Our book Rum För Kidsen hits the stores today!
It’s friggin unbelievable!  Yes, many !!! But it’s the only way I can scream on the blog.

Swedish and Nordic customers can buy the book via netshops as Bokus or Adlibris  or just walk in to a bookstore anywhere across the county!
It costs about 189 kronor depending on where you buy it.

If you live on other places on earth which most of you that reads the blog do, we will try to set up an own shop and ship worldwide until the book hopefully will be translated in other languages. We will get back to you about this.



I also build this 3-d cover of the book at the window of one of Stockholm largest book stores – Akademibokhandeln on Mäster Samuelsgatan. It worked out rather fine! On Sunday March 30 – I will be there signing and talking about the book together with 3 other writers. Wonderful Petra Kranz Lindgren who really understands kids – her book is great, Manne Forssberg who has written a book for fathers and Johan Unenge who will be talking about bed time stories.
The event is for free – read more about it here!




They also made a huge dummy – that will be as a display in the store. It matches my proudness really well!

Thank you Mr Perswall for making the backdrop for the window display out of wallpaper and Stockholm Bombay for borrowing that yellow pouf!