What about energy?

I’m thinking winter is coming up and we all need some energy boost- my self included so every day this week I will post about what gives me energy.
It’s a bit off that I write this post when all this autumn has consisted of is feeling out of the loop on my part. But heey “skam den som ger sig” as we say in Swedish (it’s a sin to give up…). This is some sort of self-therapy on my behalf.

But I also get lots of comments like: – What do you get all you energy from and how do you boost it?

Well it’s funny since the question can come one post after admitting I don’t have the energy at all and that I feel a bit low…
But that’s the internet again. We all look and only see one part of the persons we are interacting with and we all read so much into things that’s not true. Like I don’t think we feel really sorry for famous people when we read about their downs or failures cause it can’t be that hard since she/he is famous/rich/fabulous or whatever.  The same goes for reading blogs or looking at friends facebooks etc. We only see what we want to see. It is important to think about this. To stop the spinning and realize that all is not what it seams.
On the other side it’s sometimes nice to show other sides of yourself in the blog or Instagram as well. Cause on the blog you don’t hear the kids complain or fell worried about your job. Here it’s also possible to present a dream world. So with this said I can write some stuff about energy without, for the moment, feeling really energetic but thinking that it’s ok anyway.

For me the energy really goes in cycles. I’m mostly all over the place – with ideas and projects. I don’t have a natural way to stop. I noticed this when we renovated our apartment. I was pregnant with a heavy workload and did the apartment in my spare time. My hubby also worked a lot. But I could go on for hours. When he is tired he stops and falls a sleep. I go on until I crash. Now – a bit older I’m wiser but still need to look out for this. I need to plan downtime and sometimes I go to bed when the kids does just to let my body get some more energy. Sometimes this works good with my freelance productions but sometimes it’s a mess. I’m also still learning that doing for example a easy job – 3 hours of filming are seldom just 3 hours of filming since it’s meetings, brainstorming etc. So I need to put this time on top of  everything else and then schedule some recuperation time.
Some things are also due to the age of the kids. Some periods it’s simply impossible to do other stuff, blog or whatever because the kids are in a phase. But it will pass and then it will be more time and energy for life besides the family.

I also have a rule of always take the stairs when I’m without the kids.
If you take two steps at the time it’s even better for the bum as my grandmother always used to say!


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