I really hope it’s a little slap of a autumn dip and not some sort of midlife crisis but these past weeks I’m not really feeling like myself.
Negativism has spread like the evil dark Spiderman takes over Toby in what is it Spiderman 3?

Normally I’m mostly really happy, positive and full of energy but now it’s kind of all gone.
I am a true believer of without the downs you will not have the ups but my problem is time. I want to get things done. Preferably yesterday. So I hate to wait it out.

This is not a post of getting me to feel better  -I don’t really want any cuddling.
I don’t want the pity and feeling sorry for me by anyone but my husband. That’s his job <3
My life is great but I am in some sort of process and I think my body understands this even before my body catches up.

The thing is, I bring this up because I notice lots of friends experiencing the same thing.
Everything spins so fast, all the images and inspiration and the wars, pollution and economical crisis from all over the world and all the perfect things and lives you keep on seeing on Facebook, blogs and Instagram can get all of us a bit delusional of what life is all about. And also I think we all set to much pressure of ourselfs. To have a fantastic career, be the best mums, lovely partners, good friends, look good and the list goes on and on and on. It is so easy to believe the hype.

But I have some things that make me feel better – it’s no rocket science but worth repeating:

1. Be kind to myself – Easily said harder done. It’s ok to be a bit down. It’s ok to sometimes be in a bitchy mood, be a bit jealous of stupid small things and not be happy over what you already got. It is just a phase, it will be better soon. Be kind to yourself also let you eat an extra cookie, wear comfy clothes and take a bath in stead of playing with the kids.

2. Say No – also easily said and harder done. But don’t plan to much, don’t do the extra things I normally squeeze in just because I want to help, it’s really fun or it’s booked since way back. No now- I’m taking my time. Even though I’m not liking it, slowing down I mean –  I still do it.

3. Plaster my smile like in a Hollywood movie. This one I’ve been trying the last couple of days. Laugh therapy kind of works and this is a variation of it. All small good things that happens I’m telling myself yeah this is GREAT! WOW it’s GREAT. Even if I force it and say it out loud. THIS IS GREAT! – guess what it works! When I read something about someone else that in my bad days would get negative I just tell my self – oh good for them. Even if I’m irritated about somethings that happens I try not to talk about it – not stay with the negative. I feel this helps. But also just because I have been doing the previous things alot.

4. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Most of the things that occupy much of my thinking is mostly nonsense. Life and Death is not involved. It’s not going to be the end of the world if I miss to answer a mail, be a bit whimsy with a client or do something I am not supposed to like read during the days instead of doing the accounting or buying ridiculous expensive shoes. So I’m trying not to give a damn. It works too. This is the hardest bit but I’m working hard on it.

This 5 minutes talk from Ric Elias who was on the plane that crash – landed in the Hudson River was also a wake up call. It’s just something about the small things he says – well just watch it!

So eat lots of cookies, read a book and be kind to yourselves this weekend!
XXX Isabelle