This is a dystopia book like the Hunger Games. It also comes in three. Like they all do.
It is also described as a young adult book – apparently I haven’t left that age yet. It disturbs me that it’s called children’s books just because of the young age of the main characters and the fantasy in it. Like it disturbs me that having a great fantasy about all things in life and seeing things in a “childish manner” is considered less worth. For me it’s more about creativity than anything else, to be open and let your mind go in crazy paths. That’s a good thing!

Divergent is the first, Insurgent is the second and the author Veronica Roth is writing the third right now – expecting it to come out fall 2013.

So I’m only half way down the first one but I love it. After Hunger Games I read another dystopia trilogy called Matched (second book Crossed) but it dosen’t have that edge that Hunger games has so I kind of quit in the middle of the second book.
Anyways this one has it all, the thrill, the love, the weird world, the hope and kind of revolutionary spirit.

As always I will link to a proper review from the NY Times.

Gotta get back to reading now!


Ok – now I read both Divergent and insurgent I must say I love them both – better than the Hunger games! I so don’t want to go out in the real world. And I’m really looking forward to the next book (another year oh now).