We can sneak out on the rooftop of our studio and watch the sunset


Our studio is a very nice addition to our house in many ways. Not only for the obvious reason -that we now have more space for our work, but also because it has given us the perfect spot for watching the sunset.
We can access the rooftop through Frank´s bedroom window.


This is so nice. All I´m missing is a mini fridge for beverages and some music. Jens has bought so many old speakers lately I´m sure he can make that happen for me.


Look at all those bird nests.8B7B5039

See you later alligator

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Modeling for our own work


Jens and I will spend the weekend photographing, drawing and filming. In the picture above, from yesterday, we are posing for some new illustration that Jens is working on.

When Jens and I are in our 70´s we should do an exhibition with all the pictures with us posing for our work. See some of them here in this old post. BONUS: Viola is super tiny.


Have a nice weekend!

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After spring comes summer

#tbt summertime!

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

Today the weather is so amazing. In just a few months we will sitt outside on our porch, just like in the video above from last summer.

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Viola is Justin Bieber


I am Justin Bieber.
Viola went to a birthday party with a Red Carpet-theme. She looked through her wordrobe and decided that Justin Bieber would be a fairly easy transformation.
With a little hair gele, some tattoos by Jens and some Bieber-attitude she was all set.



Her aunt and grandmother came over just as she was leaving for the party and everyone felt the need to Instagram this little Bieber.


Jens did a great job with the tattoo, as usual. Remeber when Viola was a sailor? 8B7B4437

These kind of projects are the best. It´s always very last minute at our house and we all chip in to make it work. The process of taking what ever we have and turning it into something without spending any money is very satisfying. Viola has proven to be very resourceful and has a flexible and playfull mind. She´s not even a Beliber, in fact it´s very popular right now to not like Bieber at her school (haters gonna hate, right?). But that kind of mindset only spurs her along.

Cool beans!



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Recovering from a blog break up


Today I´m taking pictures of myself.
Since Isabelle and I have broken up I need to change the dosfamily´s  profile picture, above. This feels a bit sad. A little bit like taking down a wedding photo.

But even though Isabelle and I miss each other we both agree that this change is like a breath of fresh air.
Isabelle is up and blogging on her new cool site over at isabelle.elledeoration.se

And I´m brewing up some new post for you here on Dosfamily, this blog that I now can call my own. I hope you´ve noticed how manic I´ve been the last week ? Posting like there is no tomorrow.

So stay tuned

PS: I know many of you have been asking about my Dos Visits post, and I´m currently working on motivating myself to get them going again. So keep your fingers crossed for that to happen.




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Violet and Maroon


Viola´s hair is back to violet.8B7B4881

This is my maroon sofa


I´ve decided to sell my lovely violet dining room table. To be able to access our new studio we´ve made a big hole in this wall. Japan and Australia are gone and most parts of Russia.  And the room wont fit this big table anymore. I bought it second hand and had my father paint it for me in his shop. See more from my home here!


I bought this maroon band jacket at a store in Copenhagen that sell American vintage. Clara helped me model it, she´s the only one I know who plays a saxophone and if she had been an American student she would probably have had a uniform like this for her marching band shows. Maroon does fit her so perfectly.



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