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June is looking good. All the roses I planted in the yard are loving life and bursting with new buds every day.
Here are a few pics from yesterday:
1. Viola and Saba the cat in the window.
2. Brown glas in the livingroom
3. A robot ready for battle in a swamp
4. Treasure Island!!! an unpredictable and very funny book about a girl who is obsessed with the old classic Treasure Island. She redesigns her life inspired by the book and can´t stop talking about it. The author Sara Levine talks about the book here. Watch that and then buy the book! ALSO: YES!! that is Adam Curry from MTV interviewing her.
5. Flea market findings

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When we´re out driving


This is a typical scenario when we’re out driving. I see something I NEED a picture of. I throw my phone to Viola, instruct her to quickly but precisely take the pic. But here she flipped the camera and took this sweet selfie of us instead. 💋😍💋 Good job Viola.
PS. The “object” could be a scarecrow, a field or something burning. Or if I’m really lucky: all of the above.

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Friday! dance like you´re in 3D

I love this digital time we live in. This video is amezballs. None of the dancers are humans, well their moves are of course traced from human dancers but the costumes are all a product of computers and brilliant brains.

It wont be long before Virtual Reality will be available for everyone to enjoy at museums and shows. I can´t wait to step into worlds that look like this.

lightitup lightitup2 lightitup3

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Just want to make sure you´re all following me and Jens on Instagram, right?
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