Dear Isabelle I hear you and I can relate


Oh Isabelle!
I read your last post and I can totally relate to what you´re feeling. I too feel like such an introvert and dull person.
November has been such a strain on me. I´ve worked alot and have had 3 major projects with the same deadline (last night) also I´ve had the worst flu with fever and all that stuff. ( I know, I know, It could be worse but hey, let me complain a bit here, I need it)

Working a lot is fine, I´m good at it and I actually like it. But during the last couple of weeks there has not been enough energy for me to go around. I´ve been Wonder Women at work and then hid in a phone booth and transformed into Al Bundy: I´ve been coming home, complaining about my sore back, nagging at the kids, trowing myself on the couch turning on the TV (who am I kidding, it was already on, but I changed the channel to something I wanted to watch), stuck my hand in my pants and lit a cigarette.

It´s not a pretty picture…

But oh the summer was pretty. Such a bliss. Not a cloud in the sky or any fights with the kids ( okay this is not really true but I was so relaxed I could handle both the clouds and the thunder from the kids arguing) and then the fall was smooth and nice, but November ate me up and spit me out like a hairball on the couch.

But this weekend I have a plan: I´m going to treat myself with mindless TV-watching (8 episodes of Days Of Our Lives, some Sister Wifes and then a few hours of zapping around watching random stuff  that catches my eye) I´m going to wear ridiculously comfy clothes that at the end of Sunday will be filled with stains from stuff I´ve eaten there in front of the TV)
We´re providing the kids with some new gaming experiences (For Frank Lego Indiana Jones and for Viola a new expansion pack for Sims) to keep them occupied.





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A make a doll of yourself diy & a giveaway


Yes, I’m all dolled up! hohoho. This image is supposed to be a good image for the workshop I’m holding on Saturday in Stockholm and now I’m announcing a giveaway for two tickets + our book Rum För kidsen . In Swedish – På lördag så har jag en liten work-shop för föräldrar och barn på Mosebacke. Föreläsning, pysselstund, inredningsrådgivning om man vill och fika. Klicka in här för mer info om tävlingen. Såklart kan man fortfarande köpa biljetter via samma länk!


For the book last year I made a doll of myself. As a fun DIY I was gonna use it as press photo’s for the book but some people found it scary so that idea went out the window. But now I have a cool doll of myself with muffin top and all! I made the doll simply by ironing images with t-shirt print paper.

Very fun!


Both images by my partner in crime Jenny Brandt!

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Random from last weeks



I’ve had a bit of an introvert period for the last weeks. I’m sooo damn tired and it’s like I want ideas to come out – they are all there but kind of stuck in my body.. Also Stockholm had like 3 hours of sun in November so far. No wonder things are a bit rough. Also all the photos just looks dull and grey.
Above is an image from our Royal theater and the scull of Strindberg in front of it.


This is outside the classic Swedish store Svenskt Tenn. I love the woodwork with the triangles. Have to try to make something like this.



Still no snow yet this year. But they’ve iced the rinks. so Saturday we had ice skating premiere. It was nice to skate when the temperature was kind of high.


I’ve been tired but also a bit sick for over a month. Coughing, runny nose and just a weak body. But i started to take long walks with some running in between. Just taking it really easy on the body. I do wish my body will get back into some kind of better shape soon. Hate the bad circle of too much work, eating more sugar, lack of sleep, tired body….


hello! Beside Serial I also listened to the podcast (in Swedish) – Skaparna about female musicians. First ep was with Robyn. Really inspirational. What have stuck with me is when she talked about teenage girls – that we kind of spend more time just trying to look good instead of starting bands and such. All the effort it takes to just be good looking that we can spend on other stuff. Hear hear!


At Hornstull another part of the island in Stockholm city that I live on – there are loads of street art – something I miss a bit in the rest of town.
Update: Our reader Cecilia pointed out that this image in red is part of a global action of support of the missing students in Mexico – read more about it here.


Jaime Oliver opened his first franchise in Stockholm. I had Pasta Vongole and was there with my friend Blenda that I have known for 22 years now. I didn’t even know I was that old! I think the restaurant was good but the day after I opened the morning papers it got such bad reviews! haha- funny how it can be like that. Two completely different experiences. Or maybe my taste buds aren’t that developed.  They’re almost always set on bread. The taste buds – that is.


Last night I was invited to Junibacken for a Christmas Party. I love this place. It’s a fun house for kids where they have built up different worlds from famous Scandinavian kids stories. The kids can climb Pippi longstockings house and explore other worlds. They also have great kids plays! This monkey is from Jan lööfs worlds – one of my kids favorites!


This house is just around the corner from where I live. I always dreamed of this apartment. How does it look inside? Who lives there? Stockholm does not have many high buildings but we’ve become some sorts of experts of building on top of old buildings to get more space for housing. I love this. Unfortunately they’re not really making cool things like this – all the time but they should. be more brave – that is!



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Monday love: the Bag All Store


Congrats New York! The first Bag – All store is just open. Smack in the middle of Nolita  on 219 Mott Street (btw Prince & Spring)  you can find Jennifer Jansch store with her reusable fabric bags.


Jennifer is such an inspiration to me or her whole family. They’re such a go getters in a great way. We got to know eachother in New York maybe 6 years ago. I had heard so much about her and seen her fantastic interior work. Then they moved to New York and me and my family was there for a couple of months so we hooked up and the became friends. I love how nearly nothing seems impossibly for this lady and her brood. They been working really hard to make everything work in New York and I’m so happy for her new shop.


Her idea is to make great looking fabric bags. That you can recycle and reuse instead of paper when you give gifts but also nice looking bags for storing your stuff. Like me I always use her bags for everything from camera equipment, earphones, make up to toys, pens and underwear. You can see her whole range right here and buy it straight from the web or find  a store (all over the world) that carries the bags.


Images from the new store! Jennifer is one of those who have impeccable taste and always looks a million buck even though she’s wearing some old kaftan dress and clogs or whatever idea she’s have at the moment. Read more about her on this (very inspiring kind of new site/web -magazine The Way We Play)


Above you see images from the new store.  Read about it on Jennifers Blog!

Jennifers daughter Celeste and hubby Micke at theis summerhouse. Watch that home tour that Jenny made right on this link.


The whole Jansch family! Cute! I do hope the bags will fly out of the store! And if you live in Sweden – visit Jennifers sister Stephanie who just opened a new shop as well – called Makeri 14 at Köpmangatan 14 in Gamla Stan (Old Town), She sells the Bag- All bags there and great knitting kits and other cools stuff. Check it out here.


I also love Jennifers Instagram @bag_all

It’s so much fun seeing a friend really trying and going for it! On her blog you can also read a lot about the journey of making the Bag- All happen! I do hope you think it’s as inspirational as I do!





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Jens and Jenny´s Studio


This is our house.
We are currently adding a studio to it.(marked in pink in the picture above) It will be quite big with room for my photography and Jens illustrating/3D and graphics business.
It has taken years to get this approved. The paper work here in Sweden regarding an addition like this is quite comprehensive and takes a lot of time and energy. Anyway now we are finally building it. Hopefully we will be ready to move in after Christmas.





Jens and I will split the space up in two sections. One for me and one for him.
As you can see on the sketch we will be able to reach the studio from our house (right through Australia as a matter a fact) and also through an entrance from the street. As you know, Jens and I have both been working from home since we moved here 7 years ago and sure it´s been nice but also very messy and sometimes chaotic . Here is what our working situation is like at the moment. And we´ve used diffrent places for me to set up a studio usually in our living room. I´m currently shooting a catalog in my sisters garage and I´ve used my fathers often. Like here!

photo 2-1

The construction is made in wood. All windows and doors are bought second hand via Blocket.  I´ll tell you more about it soon.

photo 1-1


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Jenny´s house on the inside!

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We are adding a studio to our house


For years we´ve been planing to ad a studio to our house, and now it is finally happening. As you know Jens and I both work from home and it is a bit crowded but not for long. After Christmas we will be moving ourselves, our computers and other work related stuff out there.

I´ve even said to Jens:” Let´s just stay out there forever and let the kids have the rest of the house”


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