Life At Jenny´s House


Life at our house is mostly like this nowadays… Several nights a week we eat eggs, herring and potatoes.


Saba the cat sleeps at least 20 hours a day. Sometimes by herself…


and sometimes she sleeps in Frank´s company.


My sister from Nebraska is here visiting with her family. She came bearing gifts.


Sure, nature is beautiful nowadays but Viola and I sneak inside to watch Youtube as often as we can. Viola is a sucker for 80´s videos and Jens and I are more then happy to help her find some tunes we used to play on our walkmans. Today we´ve been enjoying Kate Bush. Especially Wuthering Heights and Cloudbusting




Bye for now.


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27/52 isabelle from dosfamily


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27/52 Jenny From DosFamily


Since Jens is on vacation he is doodling on everything he gets his hands on.
This is  my Selfie no. 27


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One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Life At Jenny´s House


July I´m so happy you are here. My calendar is cleared so I have room for all your nonsense to start.


 Rhett Butler having a burger


A witch in a hat with her cat.




This is what we are watching , reading and listening to nowadays…
Our own account @tv_with_jenny_and_jens on Instagram, were we share our favorite TV clips.
Jens says that “when we reach 3000 clips we can throw our TV out the window and only watch the clips.”

Donna Tartt The Goldfinch (Steglitsan in Swedish)

We´ve added some tracks to our playlist lately. Evans Pyramid “Never Gonna Leave You” and Erkin Koray “Türkü” and Chaka Khan”Father He Said”


Bye for now


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iittala combinability by isabelle


I was asked by Iittala to combine their products on my own therms. So we did a little party here at the cabin with the kids. I remembered when me and my friends where leaving home as teenagers at that time – the freedom and owning Ittalas Kaj Franck glasses was somehow the key to success. I always had a crush on the bowls on a little foot so I was happy they came along to this shoot.


My daughter Della and her friend Leyla was as you can tell, happy with this theme.


Just as we made these Chocolate balls – my Editor for Rum För kidsen send me an image of him making chocolate balls that I had to try. Yes we are crazy about these sweets. Also try Heidis best recipe.


Aino Alto tumblers and a white plate called Teema. The long straws I got from Jenny. She probably bought them at some Tiger Store


Della with a blue glass plate and raspberry cupcakes. Yum


I like the way you can see the fabric through the glass plates – it gives somehow an extra dimension.


Go shortie it’s your birthday. Today Leyla turns 8 years (for reals)! Congratulations!


The little brother kept on sneaking into the shot. All the sweets where too much to resist.


While I was preparing everything the kids started to play with the products. I just got these boxes delivered without knowing what was in. I love the mix of these dinnerware and bowls with the toys and pens and such nonsense.  The candleholder now serves as a mighty fine pen holder. It will Look great on Dellas desk as well.


‘Combinability’ is a concept that summarizes Iittala’s design philosophy. Iittala says: “At Iittala we want the object to be distinctive, biocompatible and multifunctional. We want to whoever holds an Iittala product in their hand to be able to create their own personal expression. We want to offer endless possibilities for combining the size, color, memories and occasions. It is up to each individual to create their own Iittala Story.”

This post is brought to you by Iittala but with Isabelles words and making.


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24, 25, 26/52 Jenny From DosFamily


I´ve been neglecting my selfie-updates lately.
Here is no. 24, no. 25, no 26

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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