Pictures before school

8B7B8116I´m just checking in to show you 2 pictures from our morning. I finally figured out how to do a french braid. It turns out all I was lacking was patience. This morning I took my time and it worked. 8B7B7613

Frank did some dancing in the studio before we left for school.

Ok now I have to go back to work.

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Life at my house

dosfamily-studiostuff-1 Today is Thursday.
The kids don´t have school tomorrow because of Sweden´s public holiday 1st of May. “Valborg” It´s when we celebrate that spring has arrived. Tonight people will gather around bonfires all over Sweden and listen to choir sing. So we have a nice long weekend to look forward to. I´m going to be working though but the kids can chill out at home. Speaking of “home” this is what our´s been like latley.

dosfamily-sofa-1dosfamily-jenny-jens-1  dosfamily-studio-1

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I went to the beach after sunset


Last night I went to the beach after sunset. It was pretty. In just a short time the ocean will be warm enough to swim in. Click here to see what that was like last summer and click here for to see what I look like on the beach.

8B7B7398 8B7B7402 8B7B7403 8B7B7415

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Toys that our kids actually play with


What toys are your kids actually using?
Viola has never been that into toys. She prefers active things, like swimming, running and dancing. She´s had some brief periods of time with Barbie but has not really engaged in it like Frank has. He can play with lego or his transformers for hours. Frank is five, and does not want to get rid of anything in his room. He likes his stuffed animals, his big plastic parking garage, his pirates and all the other knick-knacks from various fast food joints. Viola however has no toys left in her room. She is 10.

So in retrospect I must say that these gymnastic rings are the best toy we´ve ever given Viola. She and her friends have spent so much time in them.
Dosfamily has written about these “Ekorre” rings from IKea before. See more here!

Unfortunately Ikea does not carry these anymore.


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Isabelle´s kitchen

Good morning people!
Have you seen Isabelle`s new kitchen?
It´s so darn nice, I need to go up to Stockholm soon to check it out in real life.

See all the video´s from Isabelle´s new place here!



Also check out 10 deco ideas for your kitchen- Dosfamily- style!

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Outdoor inspiration


As I´ve told you before I really enjoy having a garden. I´m not that into gardening-work though, so naturally ours is not very well kept. (Some are probably calling it down right messy). But that wont hold me back, just like every year I´ve made a long list of stuff I want to get done this summer. I might not even check one single thing off that list, but as I´m writing I see myself having both hens and beehives in my garden come fall and the kids can wear big hats made from our enourmous sunflower field and make a fort out of redbeets and tomatoes.
A girl can dream can´t she?

Since interior magazines purpose in life is to inspire people I get to visit plenty of beautiful places that are far from messy. Like the pictures in this post. I photographed them with stylist Anna Björkman for the magazine NyaRum a few years back. Anna found this house with a beatuiful entrance and garden. Lucky for us there was this old car hid away under a cover in the backyard and Anna packed it as if she was going to drive off to a imaginary French summerhouse with it.

brandtgarden10brandtgarden04-2 brandtgarden06brandtgarden01

I love the tiles in the entrance. brandtgarden02 brandtgarden03-2

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