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I´ve been neglecting my selfie-updates lately.
Here is no. 24, no. 25, no 26

See all our selfies of 2014
One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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I’ve got mail!


My post(wo)man has been very busy these past weeks  – just look at all these gifts! A nice company from Barcelone called Mint Banana makes these pillows. Cute!


Underbara Clara and Anna Karin Nyberg have made this baking with kids book. Comes in handy now when the summer rains away and I have to drain myself in chocolate!

Märta Hannson makes this wonderful drawings. She helped us make stuff for the Party book we made some years ago. I love this prints. I stole this image from her Instagram. You can buy postcards and posters that she makes here.


I also got a poster from the wallpaper producer Rebel Walls – they make this as a poster as well as a wallpaper!


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Life At Jenny´s House




Hello! here are some things my camera have seen today at my house.

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Sun dyed pennants gets a new life DIY


We’ve been having these lovely pennants hanging in front of the house for a couple of years but this year they really lost all their colors in the sun. I was thinking about coloring them but didn’t know how since I still wanted different colors and didn’t want to put in too much effort. Then I remembered our friends Montana Gold! Any spray cans will do.


The kids just went bananas! I tried to control the colors somehow but it didn’t work. Still love when they do their thing.

IMG_0407 vimplar

Maybe some more brighter colors would have been good but the kiddos are very happy every time they see them hanging so it’s good. Next year we can simply do them again!


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Instagram update


Summer is here and the blog might be a bit slow at times.
Here is a few pics from my Instagram feed.
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and @isabellemcallister

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Ready Set- Vacation! -Getting ready for summer one un-subscription at a time


Getting ready for summer one un-subscription at a time.
Jens and I are going to have a full blown vacation at home with the kids this summer. I usually work during both July and August but not this year. I might sneak off and shoot a few homes that I stubble upon but other then that- nothing.

This week I´m going to tie all the loose ends together, write some invoices, set the TV to record any Days Of Our Lives that I might miss while I´m out swimming in the ocean or picking strawberries for the kids or plucking ticks off of them.

Also I´m unsubscribing to newsletters. Every day I get at least 8 of them in my inbox. “Friendly reminders” of new outfits in shops. Or “summer deals” I can´t miss. Or Ebay telling me: “Jenny! Here are a some auctions recommended for you” (See some of my Ebay-finds part 1 and part 2 and part 3 )

And also…
I really, really love Instagram at the moment.
I´m the kind of photographer that wants to be able to take a picture every moment of the day, but since I work as a photographer carrying around my Mark III everywhere really makes me feel like I´m working all the time. And as you can imagine that kinda sucks.
That is why I love my phone so much. It lets me take pictures- edit them and post them without the hassle of a camera that puts weight on not only my body but also my vacation mood.
And since I´m planing to spend my lazy days with my kids they are likely to get caught in my line of fire.
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