Henry´s Valentine´s Card DIY


With Valentines coming up this weekend I´m reposting this super easy DIY that Viola´s cousin Henry made.
So cute and brilliant.



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Studio progress


The carpenters are here today, dry walling our walls and celing of our studio-to-be.
If all goes well we will be moving out our buisness there in a month or so. Finally we don´t have to do all work from our livingroom. (We´ve moved everything around so many times for work, Like this time with Isabelle for MrPerswall)dosfamily-studio-1

This is what it looks like at the moment. We all like going out there to run around. Even Saba the Cat


PS: How did I become a photographer? Read the story here!

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Real Horrorshow


“Living with you two is a Real Horrorshow” I tell Viola.
Gee, thanks mom” she responds
“When you are old enough and you watch Clock Work Orange, you´ll know that that´s actually a compliment”

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Re-living summer through my Instagram



I´m just sitting here going through old instagram updates, dreaming about summer. Also currently re-obsessed with “I´ll Find My Way Home” By Jon & Vangelis and “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush


Saba The Cat watching flies and birds. Summer makes everything better.


Me instagram is @jennyfromdosfamily

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Life at Jenny´s house – Saturday morning

8B7B3294Since our kids have taken over our livingroom, lounging on the couches, watching TV and youtube at the same time, we decided to move our music into the kitchen. This has turned out to be quite a success. Now we can do our lazy ass cleaning to the sound of music. This weekend that´s pretty much all we´ve done.


Jens is so cute when he talks about things that he is excited about. In this picture he is playing “Flickorna i Småland” with Delta Rhythm Boys.



C´mon Saba, get with the beat.


Viola is listening to music of her own (probably that new song with Bruno Mars) but helped me out with this picture.
Sure mom, I´ll hold it for you just as long as I don´t have to move”


Read more “Life At Jenny´s house here”



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Life At Jenny´s House


I don´t know if I´ve told you this already but I´ve gotten glasses. For years I´ve been without even though I clearly need them. Now I´m rid of my head aches and I can see clearly. The ones I´m wearing in the picture above are red and the sales clerk talked me into getting a pair of sunglasses as well. And they are the best. I use sunglasses a lot (even in bed when I´m reading my book on my Iphone, but that´s a different story)

This gang has gotten a revival at our house. Frank has been scared of the movies before (the whole leaving toys behind and accidentally throwing them away has just been to hard for him to watch) But now they are running non stop on our TV.


Leslie I still love you. 8B7B2426

Stuff I surround myself with. By the way I´m enjoying Mindy Kaling´s sit com The Mindy Project very very much.


And here is Frank the little sweetheart.

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