The crossed fingers


This is what I looked like- doing what I told you I was going to do all day. (in the last post)
Crossed fingers and Psycho Killer and all…


PS: This was before I cried my eyes out reading the end of “I´ll give you the sun” SOOOOO good, so romantic, so devastatingly sad. Thank you Isabelle for the tip.


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I´m neatly crossing my fingers


Monday. Back to work after a 4 day long weekend.
Trying to shake the laziness off my back. This long weekend sure gave me a taste for leisure. The weather was perfect. We put the speakers in the windows and just did nothing for 4 days.
I´m far gone. Too far gone for my usual tricks (bra and boots).

Might as well go back to my book “I´ll give you the sun” and listen to “Psycho Killer” a few more times and neatly cross my fingers in my lap with a a wish that tomorrow will bring me a productive workday.



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Hello Thursday!


The kids are off from school today.
Sun is shining I´m going to enjoy it from inside the house, I have so much on youtube I want to catch up on.
Frank has a new haircut.
Jens took this picture of me and the kids for a small interview for Family Living (out june 2016).

That´s it!


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May 2015


This is outside our house last year. May 2015.
Today these fields are just starting to pop. May is just gorgeous.

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