One fossil and some other stuff


Jens and I make and take pictures all day long. So naturally our hard drives are full of images.
Here are a few that goes well together in black and white.

1. A Saurodon fossil from the University of Nebraska.
2. Axel Bower
3. A winding road
4. My noses
5. Jens wants to ad a moon to pretty much every picture. Like to thise scenery from when we took a walk in the woods..

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Life At Jenny´s House


I´m so happy we finally have a studio for our work that is big enough for the kids to roam around in. This weekend Frank had his friend Nelly over and they did some serious “crafting without a goal”, meaning they just painted on random things they found around our house without having a specific aim with their project, while listening to music. Jens kept them company and made a leaf frog and leaf zombie.
jennyfromdosfamily2-3602 jennyfromdosfamily2-3596

The frog is better seen from above.jennyfromdosfamily2-3589

This used to be our dining table but since we rarly have people over for diner we felt this long table would be better put to use in our studio, as a work table.


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Vintage wallpaper and pink paint


I bought 6 roles of this vintage wallpaper at a fleamaket a few years back. I paid less than what I pay for a happy meal.
I like it. I really do. But it is a bit too sweet for me. To make it more wicked I´ve painted parts of the wall pink.
I´ll show you when I´m done.

PS: That door leads out to our studio.


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I´m a giant – Halloween Costume


That is not a small pedestrian figurine from our trainset, no I´m actually a giant.



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Leaf Zombie



This weekend we´ve been filming some material for an upcoming film for Axtone records. Jens has been crafting like the genius he is. Just look at this leaf zombie he made.

Sunday is Funday! #autumn #fall #höst

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

Jens made this cute film from when we picked leafs.


Now I´m off shooting some fall pictures for a new client.
See you later.

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign)

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A scary basement, Christmas carrols and obnoxious “do-gooders”


Hello Friday!
Here are some random things that has kept us occupied this week.

1. I´ve cleaned out several boxes of clothes from my basement. Dresses, costumes and hats that I´ve bought as props over the years. Before now I haven´t had room for them but thanks to the studio now I do.
They smell awful from my damp basement though so I´vet washed some and let others out for air. Like the little tutu above.

2. Jens has a new art work for Axtone records (staring Viola) out now. You can see it here and also download it as a wallpaper for you computer or phone.

3. I´m on Snapchat! yay! so much fun, it´s like what Instagram used to be. My username is jennydosfamily

4. My kids are busy making scary sounds with this Halloween Haunted House app

5. Some very pompous and obnoxious “do gooders” in the funny sketch “Doggy Daycare from Inside Amy Schumer. Go watch it.

6. For Swedes: I´ve heard from reliable sources that Peter Grönlund´s movie “Tjuvheder” is really good. Out now in theaters in Sweden. Go watch it.

7. I´ve started playing Christmas song by Bing Crosby already. Yep, you heard me right, I´m such a rebel.

8. Here you can see some of my past Halloween posts.

9. Lastly The Mount Everest of insane 70´s italian moviesthe trailer to “The visitor” (perhaps the nicest trailer ever)

When Jens found me this movie he said:
Jenny this movie has everything that you like plus it´s from 1979, your birth year Honey!”

It´s perfect for Halloween.

Have a nice weekend.


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