Ronja Rövardotter anime – Ronia the Robber’s Daughter the japanese version!

This is one of my truly best Astrid Lindgren tales – oh how I wished I was Ronja and lived in a cage all free during summers when I was a child! Now this Japanese television series by  Goro Miyazaki’s is comin out and you can read more about it here. I can’t wait!
Thanks to Elektriks Holwkvist for the tip!


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Meet us in Varberg tomorrow!


Re-posting this post. Tomorrow Isabelle and I will be in Varberg.
Read about it below:

The coolest thing with Internet – blogs, insta and all is meeting new people. Or maybe feeling like I know more people. But even better is to meet them live! Well Krickelin (check out her lovely blog) – Kristin from Varberg is one of those I’ve been wanting to meet for a while and now September 30th I’m going to Varberg stadshotell och Spa to give a talk, look at all the new rooms they made and hopefully have a blast! And you can come to – check out the offer right here.
And Jenny is going to be there as well to hang out!


Images by Kristin Lagerqvist/Krickelin and are from Varbergs Hotel.

More info in Swedish:

Tisdagen den 30 september så föreläser jag på Varbergs Stadshotell från 18.00 på kvällen. Jag kommer att prata om inredning – om hur man får ihop en helhet, var man börjar och saker som jag lärt mig och ofta får frågan om när det gäller att renovera och inreda. Självklart så pratar vi också lite om barnrum och lite trender!
Det blir även en rundtur i hotellet och de nyrenoverade rummen. Samt specialpris på både signerad ‘Rum För kidsen‘ bok och asia spa om man vill det!

Ta med dig en kompis vettja så hoppas jag vi ses där!

Läs mer och boka via den här länken.



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The falling down – Isabelle from dosfamily 39/52

One of those day.
Woke up late, dead tired still after a long nights sleep. Had to drag myself to the breakfast table. Got the kids out of the house and had to re-park our car due to street cleaning. After praying to the Parking God the way my old white bearded Belgian Yogi Guru teacher once taught me, I found a great spot. That chant Always works.  Well lo & behold, me being a self proclaimed world champion of parallel parking and all, got in a bit to narrow and when going back out again HIT the car in front of me. Oh Lord – that noise of doom. Guess the good karma flew out the window. I started to cry. Big time. The ugly version. When I’m tired this always happens not crashing the car but crying. Then this truck pulled up next to me and was like – What’s cookin’ cookie? It was some teachers from my daughters school but I scared them away with the burst car driving image of myself and all the tears flooding. Then I wrote this sorry not to the owner of the other car and went to drown myself in some Coke & watched a couple of episodes of The Killing.  Also got my period. Not the end of the world but Yay what a day!


See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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Party as an energy boost


I used to be a nightwalker or more of a night dancer. Then probably with kids and meeting a non dancer of a man that kind of changed. When I was younger I was out clubbing like 5-6 times a week. Never on Saturdays and seldom at Fridays when the normal crowd would be out and everyone got too hammered. I’ve never been a drinker so most nights I was out just meeting people, dancing and having fun.


Sometimes when laying there with the family in the big couch at night clubbing feels so far away but I love it. Hard to beat the energy you get of a good party. While a bad party these days almost makes me angry of wasted time… Last Saturday was one of these epic nights out. First a dinner at a friends place then I kind of crashed a birthday bash (sorry & thank you!!) and I found lots of old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Danced a little and laughed alot.

When the first place closed we all got the balloons from the bash. It was 02.30 in the morning and foggy in the streets. A group of like 30 of us was on our way to an after party. Suddenly this tall guy with dreads comes by with a big loudspeaker in his hands playing awesome soul music. So there we go – with maybe 100 pink balloons in the mist with loud music streaming. Like in a scene from a movie. Awesome.

Hope you’ll have a great week end!


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Bow Braid tutorial / rosettfläta steg för steg


This summer we’re been having braid school at Casa McAllister. I consider myself being a very handy woman but somehow braiding has been hard for me. So this was really a tongue twister as in concentration. This looks like a really hard one to do but actually easier than you think! Ok let’s do a step by step tutorial. Firstly – I think it’s easier if the hair is a little wet, maybe put in some mousse or hair product.


Step 1: Do a partition of the hair. From about the eyebrow to the top of the head and around on to the other side.


Step 2: Collect all the hair – the bangs and some more on top of the head in a knot. That hair is later going to become the bows.


Step 3: Make a inside out braid aka Dutch braid. It’s like a braid laying on top of the hair. Instead of doing a normal braid when you take each piece of hair above the other you do it underneath every strand of hair. Start somewhere above the ear as close to the forehead as you can.


Step 4: Do the Dutch braid diagonally so it stops under the other ear and the just keeps on hanging loose.


Step 5: Now it’s time for the bows. Use a hairpin with long legs or I didn’t have one at home so I made a loop out of 25 cm wire it worked perfectly fine as well.  Put the fold of the hairpin in under the top of the Dutch braid. And take out a little part of the bangs.


Step 6: Take the part of the bangs trough the wire. Now comes the tricky part. Try to keep/hold a piece of the loop above the Dutch braid while you pull the wire & some of the bangs trough the Dutch braid. Sometimes you have to practice this or you pull too hard so all the hair end up below the Dutch braid. Be gentle!


Step 7: So one loop is gonna be above the braid and the other loop is below. But it’s all the same strands of the bangs.


Step 8: Pull out the wire and then start again. Put the wire through the next top braid and take another partition from the bangs. To make another 8. The little tail that hangs out – just leave it. It’s gonna be hidden by all the other bows / loops. You can tuck them in at the end.


Step 9: Continue to do the same until you used up all the bangs. Use some hairspray to keep it all in place. You can even put in some hairpins to really make it hold. The looser you make the Dutch braid the looser the whole construction with the bows/loops will be.


Done! It’s really crazy and bombastic still sculptural in a way!


Good luck with you hairdo!


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Couch makeover DIY

I bought this couch for our country place a couple of years ago and the color that used to be on it had bothered me for a long time. (Brownish you can see some of it here in this last photo). Normally this couch is by our kitchen table – love having a couch next to the kitchen. Easy to go into food coma right after eating or just staying there  for a long time reading the papers in the morning.


The paint I got at the Swedish artist Carl Larssons house Sundborn. It’s Beckers that have made a special paint collection with hues from his house. I don’t think you can buy them elsewhere. It’s a pity since the colors are fantastic. I never been into orange but this one I love and in his house the color is everywhere. Then I did this perfect shade of green, in between on the bars.

The seat I covered with a cotton carpet a bargain from the sales at Indiska this summer. The cushions are a mix. Two plain ones from Ikea, two from the fleamarket where I also found a old pink folk costume apron that i made into a cushion cover and a hanging woven tapestry that I also made into a cushion.

Here you can see photos from when I was at Sundborn – Carl larssons home! One of the most inspiring homes I know!

Part 1


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