“Stop playing with that phone!! Go do something else; like watch TV…”

Yes. I´ve actually said that. To my kids.

When I first got my smartphone, a few years back, it was revolutionary. I was amazed by all that it could do. The emailing made everything so easy, I could be anywhere and still check it. The camera was also great. With it I never missed a “kodak moment”. Facebook became fun again. And the world became smaller, I could talk to my siblings in the US for free!! Being online all the time. What a bliss.
Hey, what song is that? the one that plays as Christly Blinkly drives the Ferrari in National Lampoons?”
Hang on I´ll YouTube it.” It´s Little Boy Sweet.

Then came Wordfeud. Crazy Mouth. Twitter. Blocket (Craig´s list in Sweden). The lightsaber. ibeer. Yatzy. Paper Toss. You see where this is going right? I was hooked on things I didn’t need.

At first I just loved it. But now I kind off hate that I love it so much.

Kids here, where I live in Sweden, are so into these new gadgets. Most have either their own Ipad, a Laptop or  their parents old smart phone.

What´s it like where you live?
What are your own rules or principal?


Picture: Viola made a phone from an old case.