“Stop playing with that phone!! Go do something else; like watch TV…”

Yes. Iยดve actually said that. To my kids.

When I first got my smartphone, a few years back, it was revolutionary. I was amazed by all that it could do. The emailing made everything so easy, I could be anywhere and still check it. The camera was also great. With it I never missed a “kodak moment”. Facebook became fun again. And the world became smaller, I could talk to my siblings in the US for free!! Being online all the time. What a bliss.
Hey, what song is that? the one that plays as Christly Blinkly drives the Ferrari in National Lampoons?”
Hang on Iยดll YouTube it.” Itยดs Little Boy Sweet.

Then came Wordfeud. Crazy Mouth. Twitter. Blocket (Craigยดs list in Sweden). The lightsaber. ibeer. Yatzy. Paper Toss. You see where this is going right? I was hooked on things I didn’t need.

At first I just loved it. But now I kind off hate that I love it so much.

Kids here, where I live in Sweden, are so into these new gadgets. Most have either their own Ipad, a Laptop orย  their parents old smart phone.

Whatยดs it like where you live?
What are your own rules or principal?


Picture: Viola made a phone from an old case.