This is my son Frank and his playhouse. It is white on the outside and green and pink on the inside. It is usually really messy but I cleaned it out for him one day when his friend Nelly was going to come over. And it turned out so cute I just had to photograph it.


Every year it´s the same story:
As summer starts the kids totally ignore the playhouse. Mostly because winter has been cruel to it, things left in there has become damp and dirty (believe me – lots of things gets left in there). The spiders and wasps however love it and move in straight away. And once it´s full of cobweb and wasps nest the kids get even less excited about it.

When summer is close to an end I finally get around to cleaning it out. Making it enjoyable again.


And that was what happened this summer as well. I cleaned it out one day when Frank´s friend Nelly was visiting us. They are just too cute in this picture. (Usually they nag at each other like an old married couple)


On one side you can order burgers.


Frank and Nelly are ready to take you order.




When it comes to the decorating, this is what I did. I hired Viola and a friend of hers to paint the inside pink and green: (Körsbärsblom and Lindblomma från Beckers). I hauled out a lot of stuff: The kitchen sink and stove (from Brio). A carpet. (From Rusta). Happy meal toys and fleamarket finds to decorate the walls with. I even let two of my favorite ladies hang on the wall this year. Above.



The other side of the house has a black board and an old school desk. I did not have a stool that was the right height so I used a storage box- flipped on it´s side instead.


The bat -decoration is Isabelle´s design (from Ellos). The statue on the floor is from a fleamarket (bernardikonst)


Inside the desk: Blues Brothers and other great stuff!


The plates on the side are traditional Swedish Christmas plates. They are practically free at fleamarkets and look just as nice indoors as they do outdoors.

I also decorated some fencing poles with happy meal toys.( Just like I´ve done before but with birds. Remember?)dosfamily-brandtFranksplayhouse22


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