Last summer we planted some flowers that (hopefully) will become tall and fabulous in our garden. To keep them happy when they do get tall they will be wanting some support.
I decided to support them with regular fencing poles. That I painted black. (You can get these at any hardware-Home Depot-kind of store)

Well I did not stop there.
Since Viola and I are regulars at the local thrift store we have plenty of porcelain figures. (some of them are already in my garden.)

When I realized that some of them have holes on the bottom I said to myself:
“Hey, they make great post tops” (Yes, I do often talk to myself, and yes ,very often in English)

Viola and I sprayed 3 little birds with some leftover Montana shades that we had at home. Paris, Patina and Manhattan. Before you screw the screw on top you have to hammer the pole into the ground of course.
And Voilá: Fab looking support for fab shrubs.

QUESTION: Won´t they fall off and break?
I was afraid they would not sit still during the shifting of the seasons. But they have been in place all trough the very windy conditions here. Also it would not be the end of the world if they did break. I have a few more in stock.


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