Synopsis: Okay here is the deal: I have all these things in my garden that I want to show you. It´s mostly everyday things, some of them are really smart and sweet, some of them are pretty obvious and not much of a surprise.  However all of them are thrifty and pretty effortless. And none of them are perfect. It´s  just Garden Stuff.

This is the 2nd part of “Garden Stuff”. Read the 1st part here!
All photos by me, Jenny Brandt.

#4 If you plant it they will come
This is really a no-brainer. Buy flowers that butterflies like and you will be rewarded with their presence.

#5 Garden Art
I´m running out of wall space inside so I´ve started to hang pictures outside. They will eventually ruin if you leave them out in the rain so don´t. The best solution however is to have them outside but still under cover, like Isabelle does at her cottage.  But still don´t do this to you original Rembrandt’s, okay? -Good!


#6 Kids will play house with or without a house
We have  built a playhouse. But Viola likes our shed better. Kids need little help finding  places to play  at outside. I´ve realized that they are not very picky. All they want is a place, preferably small that they can be alone in. Minding their own buisness.


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