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  • Here’s what I found at the thrift store today

    A red velvet chest. That’s what I bought at the thrift store today.

  • Showing off my fleamarket finds

    Look att this fancy candelabra I bought at a fleamarket last week. So pretty. It was 300 SEK (about 30 USD) less then a pair of pants. The bust next to it is another dear find of mine. It was 100 SEK (10 USD) Less then a coffee and a bagle. While I’m showing off my good fortune I’ll might as well continue… The cabinet was only 200 SEK (20 USD) Less…

  • A box of old lamp parts

    Look at all these beautiful brass parts I found. They are random parts for chandeliers and light fixtures and I think they´ll make great candle holders. The whole box cost next to nothing and it was a treat unpacking it. I bought the box mostley because of these porcelain parts. So pretty. I hope I can use them in the studio.