Summer is coming to an end even though I´m sorry to see her go I´m really looking forward to what fall and winter is really about: watching TV.
I´m also making room in my calendar for lots of new Instagram obsessions.  So please share with me your favorite accounts!

Let me start by telling you about some that I´m very excited about.

Awesome illustrations of what kids wear.

NO INFO in his profile, but I think this guy is a DJ. His feed is a great collection of things that makes my heart beat faster.


Pictures of movies made before computer generated imagery came along. Sometimes scary!
(you might ask -Jenny why are you not following this account? Well. My kids borrow my phone often and sometimes they check my instagram feed, I don´t want them seeing some of the stuff that is shown here. I do however check the feed regularly)

Random pictures from strangers vaccations.


Now please tell me, I´m dying to know, who do you love to follow?


PS: Read more about why I love Instagram and Selifes in this post!