Selfie- this is why I love you.

When I was a kid I found a book with Cindy Sherman´s pictures. Hundreds of pictures of the same woman that looked so different from pictures to picture . She transformed over and over and I could not get enough. Plus she was in charge, not another photographer telling her how to pose and what to wear. It was her vision. No one came between her and the camera. Much like how the Selfie works.

As a kid I also loved looking at pictures of my mother. I looked for them in our family albums. Why were there not more pictures of her? “I`m always the one holding the camera” she responded. What would her Instagram have looked like if it existed then?
Some pictures of me and my siblings as babies I´m sure. Some flowers in the garden perhaps. Paint jobs from the garage and some Selfies? I hope.

Instagram would not be the same without the Selfie. In my opinion it´s the best of the best of Instagram. When someone I follow treats me with a picture of them self I get excited. For some reason , known only to them, they want to share their pictures with the world, and that is just great because then I can find them, like them, get inspired and show my appreciation with a comment.

Not only is this a love letter to the Selfie it is also a salute to the women who take their time to show the world who they are with a wicked Selfie. Like my favorites above.
In magazines we often see the same type of women over and over again. But Instagram is open to everyone. There is so much creativity and passion on Instagram. And in the pictures above you can see some of my favorite rad ladies.

@stormenochhavet @manrepeller @hanna_internet @rebeckomberga @yokoogibraan

Next time I´ll show you the raddest gentlemen Selfies I follow.