This thing has been going around instagram for a while and it´s been nice to read a little bit more about the people I follow and now it´s my turn.
If you want to share your “20 Facts” with us go ahead and link to your feed.

1. I´m a 34 year old unicorn  Capricorn.
2. I love the internet. Because it brings out the best of me.
3. I talk to myself.
4. It´s impossible for me to hide if I´m uncomfortable or embarrassed. Me face turns red. This was especially awful in high school.
5. I hate shopping.
6. Once a teacher asked me, based on my clothes I´m sure: “Jenny. Do you wish you were a man?”
7. If I were a man I would love to look and dress and move like Freddie Mercury. Like this
8. My car is an automatic, but when I drive a stick operated vehicle I skip gear 2 and 4 and go directly from gear 1 to 3 to 5.
9. If I would show my current life to the 13 year old Jenny she would say.I can´t wait”
10. I have a terrible temper.
11. I´ve only met one person who has watched as much TV as me. I made him my hubby.
12. Jens is also the funniest and the most cretaive person  I´ve ever met.
13. I don´t think I have a halo, that would be ridiculous. I do however think I have a a green diamond that shows my mood ( like The Sims BlumBob) over my head that only I can see.
14. I love the internet! whoops I said that twice
15. I´ve had this reappearing dream for years. It goes like this:
There is a knock on the door. I see a UPS-like delivery truck outside and I open the door:”Hello”  The delivery man asks “Jenny Brandt?” “Yes” I answer. (Oh stop with the dirty thoughts people. It is not that kind off dream, the delivery guy isn´t even cute.) “Sign this” he says and hands me a paper. “What is it? ” I ask and sign.
He shows me to his truck that is filled with stinking garbage and explains. “This is your garbage we have collected it and saved it for you. Now you deal with it.” Then I wake up.
16. I am crazy about my parents. They are such warm and supporting people. And mom is by far the most resourceful person I´ve ever met.
17. Sometimes when I´m out driving I use my blinkers only so I won´t forget to make my turn.
18. When I was a kid I used to sleepwalk and tell mom: “There is someone in my dollhouse“. Eventually mom moved the dollhouse to our basement.
19. I hate crowds.
20. I travel light. Only pack a few things: my camera. my computer and what ever fits in the camera bag: like a toothbrush (prepared with paste) and one pair of underwear.