We don´t go on a lot of picnics but once this summer we did and boy did it pay off.

With coffee and snacks in a basket we took to Ale´s Stenar. A cool place up on a hill in Kåseberga. Not only does it have a mysterious stoneformation it also has a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. The weather was great and we enjoyed the hike up there. As we walked through sheep and cow meadows listening to the birds chirping I thought to myself “This is a perfect day”

Little did I know it was going to get even more perfect..
As we were setting up our picnic we realized that a Bollywood filmcrew were setting up to do a scene right infront of us.

We could not believe our luck.

Neither could the German tourists how desperately wanted to get a picture of themselves infront of the stonformation without the dancing routines in the background. They asked me to take their portrait and when I asked “Without the dancers?” They responded ” We don´t like Bollywood films, so no”

We do however like them and Viola has been humming the song that they played over and over again ever since. Today I´m happy to see that the trailer to the movie is out.

It´s both fascinating and surreal to see them dancing all over our neighborhood.
Take a look below:



Did you notice the jump at 0,20 sec? Imagine seeing that live like we did. WOW!