I watch a lot of TV.
Today I´m going to watch 3 things. Robocop, The bad Seed and Sami Brady.

People ask me “How do you find the time to watch all that TV?” Well first of all: I never go shopping. That´s a big time consumer I´ve noticed. I don´t go out for drinks. I don´t read. Books are for kids. No just kidding – hold your horses people- it was a joke. I do read: Subtitles.

Also working from home has a lot of perks. Like I don´t have to go out to lunch. Instead Jens and I take our lunch in front of the tube. “Honey- let´s do lunch with Russ Meyer today?”
No I can´t eat while watching all that nudity.” Jens replies. “Let´s watch Trekkies  instead”. (remember when we met some SCI Fi fans?)

Today I´ve promised myself to watch these 3 gems.

Robocop- 1987.
This modern Frankenstein saga set in the future is one of the best movies ever made.
Not only does it have the no. 1 ingredient for a good story : revenge. It´s also has heartbreak caused by death, bravery and some nasty guys in suits who put profit before anything else.
Did I hear they are making a remake?, you ask.
– Nope! I´m just going to pretend that is not happening at all.
Save yourself the hassle of going to the theater to see the remake and dig out that old VHS-tape with Robocop in the basement instead.  And yes I believe movies are better watched at home anyway and whats up with all the freaking special effects of movies of today?!?!   YAWN!

The Bad Seed– With Rhoda Penmark
A great classic. I don´t want to give a way any spoilers but lets just say this movie gives the term “A wolf in sheep´s clothing” a whole new meaning. You can watch some here.

Sami Brady from Days Of Our Lifes
As you´ve probably already heard Alison Sweeney is leaving the soap. On the Ellen show she announced that after 21 years on DOOL she is moving on.
My love affair with DOOL started with her character  Sami and I sure will miss her.
Lucky for me Sweden is 4 years behind on the show. So I have 4 sweet long years left to say good bye to her.
Sami Brady got me hooked on the show with the way she stole her sisters boyfriend. The men of DOOL are usually really easy to get into bed but with this faithful hunk named Austin she had to get creative. Her elegant plot involved sexdrugs, fake maternity test, fake amnesia, a dying father and a whole lot of determination and an accomplice: Lucas, whom later turns out to be the real father to her baby. She almost made it to the alter. Here you can see it all falling apart for Sami.
And then ,this clip, Sami 15 years later. Same old story that I can´t seem to get tired off.

This text about Sami is from an old post about me shopping on Ebay. You can read more here!


 And here is the Robocop trailer. Welcome to the future. The future of the 80´s

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