I am passionate about people who have a passion. Or an obsession if you will. “Regular” humans who spend all their time on something they enjoy, like making thriller movies like Mark Borchardt does or becoming the King of Kong like Steve Wiebe or just being like Gabriel Köerner from Trekkies. I especially like it when the “passion” is something that most people relate to as nonsense. “Why would you want to do that, what´s the point?” some people might say in a very adult-and-normal-tone-of-voice. (You all know that voice, we´ve all heard it)

To me life is too damn serious and I would not survive it without nonsense. That is why Viola and I headed over to Malmö last Saturday for the annual SciFiWorld meet up. We wanted to indulge in all the freaks and the geeks glory.

As Viola and I drove past the ticket line outside we were so excited to see Edward Scissorhands and some Nintendo character in the line. We parked our car and hurried in to ask if they would pose with us. Edward even gave the bear a haircut.

In Sweden people rarely speak to strangers. But on an event like this anything goes. It is so refreshing. For a photographer like me it is like heaven cause it is so easy to get people to pose for pictures. Like this Freddy Kreuger for instants he gave me this pose one second after I had asked “Can I take a picture of you?” One second I tell you! ONE!

Viola met some awesome role models and has already started to plan her next Halloween costume.

Even though it screamed “don´t mess with me” from this guy the Bear had to ask “Would you mind showing me some wrestling moves?

But then Boba Fett came and said “Enough is enough”



WHY? I love people who has an obsession. I headed for the annual SciFiWorld in Malmö hoping to find some of them, to take their picture and be inspired by their “let´s go all out” attitude.
WHAT? The annual SciFiWorld is a meeting place for scifi-folks and gamers and regular movie buffs.
HOW? With the Bear packed in my bag and a autograph note book in Viola´s we drove to Malmö for the SciFiWorld meet up. We hoped for lots of inspiration, some good photo opportunities and a few autographs.


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