dosfamily-itsmeitsmeitsmeitsmeDo you know what Violet Crawley and Krusty the Clown and George Costanza have in common?
I´ve been working me way through the “which character are you” test of Downton Abbey, The Simpsons and Seinfeld and this is the result.

PS:It´s funny cause I´ve always thought Marge sister Patty and Selma reminds me more of Violet of Downton Abbey. But I guess my dislike of cigarettes ruled them out in my test.

Even though there is no one like George I still think Krusty and George do have a lot in common: Hair and body first and they are both neurotic and self-loathing. Also if the Krusty´s mother ever would appear on the Simpsons they should ask Mrs Costanza to do her voice. What a match!