It’s a very good day today! My 5th wedding anniversary! Watch the video about how we met!
We got married on a misty and quite boring, (I mean weather-wise hehe), February day in 2009 on our courtyard in middle of town. Wedding officiant was Maria Arnholm who now is our Swedish minister of gender equality!

We moved all our furniture out in the hallway of the apartment building, put paper on the wooden floor and had a helluva party. In our bedroom we had karaoke and a huge sound system in Dellas room. Very nice. Since we had lack of space we thought it was like being in an airplane and served all food in small boxes.

If you wanna see more from the actual wedding go to
part 1 here
and part 2 right here.

Wedding invitation and this is how we met! from Dos Family on Vimeo.

As a wedding invitation we made this movie with the story of how me met. It’s in Swedish but you can get the feeling. I didn’t find the original version so it’s not that high quality. And it’s a bit simple straight up video but The essence is there – that meaning our love.
I’m glad we made it like this, in our PJ’s. Makes me smile every time.
We met when I made lamps for a shop his company was opening. But we actually played basket ball in the same club as kids. Here I thought I was gonna end up with someone from another part of the world and then I married a blond guy from my hometown! How Typical!

I always love hearing about how people met.
Please – I would love to hear about your stories? Of love, lost love or other crazy love stories!
If you wanna share that is!

Big kisses