Early February in Stockholm means cold, grey and last year it also meant rain.

It rained two minutes before we entered the back yard to the sound of the Kazoos playing.
Since pretty much everything in Sweden is ugly in February we did the wedding at night time
It was  six a clock in the evening and the rain had left a sort of Tim Burtonesk fog hanging over the place!
Beautiful and everyone was so happy.
I loved the feeling that everywhere I looked I saw faces of people I really love!
Not only did I marry the best guy ever but I am happy we pulled of such a great crazy little spectacle of a wedding!


It’s funny but I just gave the camera to the babysitter before Della left the party.
So she took our “official” weddingphoto (as seen above left) of the three of us!
I like the fact that you can see Dellas rubber boots outside our front door
and even a hint of the electric cords…
Perfect but with rough edges -like us, like life.


A couple of things we did wich made the wedding even better:
* When we got to the apartment – I did a kind of red carpet photoshoot of everyone – it was great.
I had borrowed proffesional lightning from a photographer I know so everything was set.





My dad and fantastic “plastic mum”




* We asked friends who we knew loves music to play the soundsystem for an half hour or an hour.
Some of them just burned a cd and played, another had a playlist from an Ipod and a third did the dj thing full on!
We also borrowed a bombastic really good soundsystem.
Good sound makes a great party!


The sweets looked lovely but tasted crap. But like we say in Sweden:
Ska man vara fin får man lida pin. (If you wanna look great you have to suffer!)




* The karaoke/Singstar room made a good beak from dancing.
A bit of friendly competition and for all – a great laugh.
(It’s our bed up against the wall on the left side.)


Bye bye high heels!

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