Do you have 57 channels without anything to watch with your kids? Here is the perfect movie.

As you know our family watch a lot of TV and sometimes we watch it together. Viola and I are usually the ones who do.
There are a few oldies that we go back to often. Hairspray (1988) is one of them.

John Waters Hairspray contains lots of wonderful things for the child’s eye to see. Like Ricki Lake dancing and her character Tracy Turnblad´s loving parents Edna and Wilbur. The line dancing and the big hair of course. You are also left with a warm feeling that if you´re only brave enough you can fight and win to  make the world a better place.

It´s Baltimore in the 60´s. The Corny Collins Tv show is the hottest place to be. And the heroes of the movie demands an integrated dance floor. While the stuck up upper class like Von Tussle want no change at all- They only want skinny white teens like their daughter Amber on the Corny Collins Tv show.

rikisparensBONUS: Tracy´s parents are nothing but fantastic.
Divine´s character Edna says things like “She´s all peroxided up” about Tracy´s bleached hair. And “This better be good, broad daylight and I´m sitting in front of the TV” when forced to watch the dance show.

I can´t decide if I like Jerry Stiller best as Tracy´s or George Costanza´s dad.

And to all you home interior oriented bitches out there this movie has something for you too. The home decor´s fab.

The von Tussle fmaily sure are terrible people but they have the coolest house.
Check out Amber’s room below. It´s got pink wallpaper, poodles and a vanity table.

Viola and I act out the scene above often. “Faster faster ” I scream, clapping. And I promise Viola knows all the moves.

pen-mustachViola and I in our John Waters pencil mustaches


The trailer!



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