I´ve talked about this before, in the “Dos in January“-post, but here I go again. Thinking back at the times when mom and dad watched TV with the younger me makes me all fuzzy inside.

Viola and I watch plenty of TV and every now and then we do watch together. I try to show her movies that I liked when I was her age. So far this has worked.  “Släpp Fångarna Loss Det Är Vår” a Swedish classic from 1975, by Tage Danielsson (who passed away way to early) is one movie we´ve watched together alot. It´s a funny story about two people determent to find prisoner Harald, his hidden talent. (It turns out he is awesome at making cookies.)

The actors are divine and the overall look of the movie is so cool and when I watch it as an adult I realize this movie has influenced the way I look through my camera a lot.

It is in Swedish, but if you find a subtitled version you have to promise me to watch it!

The clip below shows the awesome house that Tage and Lena share. It is customized to fit his needs as a tall person and hers as a not-so-tall person. Even the pictures on Lenas wall are small when his are not. Love this!


PS: Click here to see how we made the frame for Viola´s TV




Love the styling of this film. Here Margaretha Krook is tricking the prison warden so she can run off with one of the inmates for a little randevu.