This week is all about snow! In Stockholm we had meters of it coming and the rest of Sweden has been laughing at our chaos.Β  I really do LOVE this weather. It’s bright and fun. It’s living in a fantasy world. I’m thinking Harry Potter may fly by on a broom any moment now. I also love that the pace and spirit is more of holiday than stressed people in dark times. My mind goes bananas – I’m seeing stuff in the snow like the streets are filled with cream as in a fuzzy 70′ children’s book. I also love taking the kids in a sledding to school.
This weekend I will try my new ice skates, make snow angels and drink hot chocolate en masse.

What will you do?


These are some thing I stumbled upon and liked this week!

Via the surf icon Kelly Slaters Instagram (oh did I have a crush on him when I was younger) I got a tip about this NY Times article about saying No to college. I’m pretty much self learned and I love these different takes on how you are supposed to do life.

In February we eat Semlor – Cream Buns in Sweden. I adore them – could stuff 10 day down my throat. On Lovely Life I found this Saffron Cream Bun recipe. I think I came to haven.

Create a business and life you love a site full of tips and crazy videos by Marie Forleo. Tom Cruise in Coctail would have loved this.

Chalk and clay paint for your furnitures sounds delice! Thanks for the tip Ella Moe who also has a cool shop!

Ann SΓΆderlund one of the gals we made the party book with has a collection of kids clothes for Blingo – buy it here!

& I Love the blogs:

Lille Lykke

Amanda Rodriguez

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And A classic which I always liked but now is better than ever decor8