Oh my – today I fell in love with a hat but the wrong kind and now I don’t know what to do.
I have been wanting a large gorgeous hat for a while and in this lovely vintage store this baby came to me as in a dream. The only problem is – it’s made of fur. My intestines then start to scream – don’t do it! Fur hell no- but then I’m thinking that it is vintage and that the animal is already long dead. I’m a vegetarian who eat fish. I like animals. I don’t like animal cruelty but when it comes to vintage fur I just don’t know anymore cause for me it’s not like buying a new one. I haven’t bought the hat but still thinking about it. Yeah call it double morals but I don’t think it’s a clean yes or no. In a way I kind of embrace the ones who says buying second hand fur is a tribute to the animal and the life it once had – the damage is already done. On the other hand in the streets no one knows it’s vintage and for the thing that making fur even more fashionable by wearing it  – It’s maybe not a good idea. But should you then even wear fake fur? Sometimes it’s hard seeing the difference anyway. And what about downs, leather, and meat? Where do we draw this line? How do we know we are making a good choice? And is it the same for all animals – I mean I don’t think it’s ok with a tiger hat – vintage or new. And then I even heard that making fake fur is really bad to the environment because what it’s made of and the process making it. But what do I really know – there are so many lobbyists saying one or another thing.

I know this issue raises a lot of feelings but please I want to hear – what do you think?

And have you seen any fake fur ones out there that looks like this one ?

xxx Isabelle