One of our lovely sponsors is Barnens Kalender 2013/The Childrens calendar. It’s a calendar where kids can learn about the days and in an easy manner get a good view of the whole year.

It works as a poster that you can put on your fridge. All the days of the year are on the poster and as a nice pearl necklace you can follow the days as they go with a magnetic pin. The calendar comes with a different stickers so you can mark the most important days – like a birthday, holiday, football tournament or maybe when the next Twilight movie comes out. There are also stickers that you can draw on if the ones with symbols doesn’t match your special day!

Lisa and Astrid Sällvin from Spånga outside Stockholm made this calendar!

Lisa what gave you this idea?
For my daughter Astrid, six years, it’s important to have control over things that happens in our life and it has always been important for her to understand when things are going to happen. Together by trial and error we have made this calendar work. An ordinary calendar divided into months and days is not that logical for kids but when the can see how the days follow each other it makes more sense. Many of our friends got very interested in the prototype and when the idea got nominated in a competition (My Mission 2012) we contacted an illustrator who helped us turn the idea into a sellable product.

So have you now made this into your full time job?
No, i work as a webb developer but I put a lot of time and effort into my hobby projects. Me and my kids have a lot of ideas of other products/games that can help families in their everyday lives. They are inspired by special education aids but made more fun and better looking to fit and attract a vider range of families out there. The childrens calendar 2013 is our first product.

How is it going?
Fantastic! Many parents recognize themselves have problems explaining “time” for kids. Many retailers have come to me by them selves just because they heard and liked the idea. We have customers in Norway and Finland even though the calendar is in Swedish (the instructions). Above all most of them like the game pad together with the stickers – that it is a fun way to learn and look at special occasions. There is also interest coming from school and playschool teachers. I love having been able to produce a calendar for 2013 and I hope to make it even better to next year!

You also support a good cause – tell me about it!
We wanted to support an organisation that helps children and then we heard about Musikhjälpen‘s theme this year which is  “Barnen i slummen har rätt till rent vatten” and then we supported them. It also feels god as a consumer to help a good cause. The money we collected so far will be given to them next week. Musikhjälpen is beteween 10-16 December. We give 20% of our profit.
(Musikhjälpen is called a Serious Request in other countries see links about it here)

To win a calendar just answer the following question:
The theme for this year’s calendar is Space what them would you like for next year?
Write your answer by the comments and we will choose a winner on Monday next week.

If you want to buy the calendar right this minute –  it costs 175 kronor and you can buy it here!

Good Luck