When  I´m out photographing I meet a lot of creative people. Especially when I am out on my visits, It´s really inspiring to listen to them and see their plans and ideas. You all know that I already collect homes (my visits) and now I ´ve started to collect “good ideas” as well.

I ´ve decided to show them here. One new “guest” every month: “A Dos Family Buddy” And during that month they will pop up here and there in my posts as I visit them and photograph their creative solutions for their home, their fun project with their kids or just cool ideas to borrow or be inspired by.

Starting today with a presentation of this months buddy, who are actually TWO buddies: Cia and Elina over at DeerDot: The two friends live in Malmö and run the shop DeerDot together.I met them as they hired me to shoot their very first own kids-clothes-line.


  1. Get your bikes ready for spring! DeerDot | DosFamily
  2. DeerDot´s Super Mario World Dollhouse | DosFamily
  3. Fancy a wig? Deerdot style | DosFamily
  4. Bring a gift of spring | DosFamily
  5. DIY-Make a table lamp from a candel holder | DosFamily
  6. In Harry´s kitchen | DosFamily

Photos by Jenny Brandt. Go to DeerDots webshop here! and blog here!