I went to Stockholm last week to photograph a home for the magazine Mama and to meet Isabelle. I brought Jens and Viola with me. Little Frank stayed at home with my mom.
It was a lot of fun. Here are some snapshots from our phone.

Before bording the plane. So many expantations.

Viola and Della hadn´t seen each other sence last summer.


and other stuff online

Isabelle, Jens and I went to Fotografiska.

We got some take out.

Viola played the piano and Beppe sang

I wish I could remember what was so funny.

on our way

Saw lots of traffic

A man handed us this paper

And just around the corner we ran into actor Mikael Persbrandt with a bloody face.

Waking up in Stockholm

The breakfast buffe at the hotel was awesome!

We borded the plane again. Gosh did we miss Frank a lot.