Friday – looking back at this week



It´s been a good week. Back to work for both Jens and I.
Usually, after a long break, it takes a few weeks for us to get back into work. So usually January is really slow and so is the cash flow. (I can hear our accountant´s voice in my head. “Now remember guys, you need to get back to writing those invoices straight after the break. Merry Christmas!” he says it with his nicest voice but he means it. We love him. He´s like a parent to us when it comes to our money. He takes care of all that boring stuff so we can focus on getting our work done. (boring to us I mean, not to him or other accountans I´m sure)

But anyway, if we don´t have any jobs we can´t write any invoices, right, lucky for us this Januray started with a bang. Jens is already booked for two months ahead and I´ve already managed to complete two assignments this week.


We got more snow this week, and as soon as it starts snowing I tell Jens with my most stern voice. “No unneccessary driving!” I love the feeling of being “Snowed-in” But Jens never agrees with me when I say that we are.
Unnecessary driving to me is: driving to the gym and driving to buy food (we can live off of coffee and toast).


Kimmy! I really like your Selfish book.


Staying at home, in doors, is the best. I´ve been pampering my house so much lately. Bought these cozy fake furs for the kitchen sofa, and I always keep the fire going all day and light many candles. My house should be very happy with me.

dosfamily8B7B9002Have a nice weekend.

On Monday I´ll be back with a new Home Tour. From New York.

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A music video for you to enjoy – Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

Have a look at this cute and fun video by Miike Snow. It reminds me of Despicable me ( that I also really enjoy) and I´m convinced evil masterminds do this type of danicing all the time.

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11 homes – Dos Visits are back in 2016


Yes, you heard me correctly: This year I´ll start posting my home tours again. I ve ´gotso many lovely photos on my computer just dying to be shown off.
Here are some examples.
Starting from the top:
An awesome barn in Orange County, US.

A pink kitchen in Malmö, Sweden. 8B7B1602

Striped ceiling in Stockholm, Sweden.


The nicest people in Copenhagen, Denmark

Old silver in Nebraska, US8B7B2239
Yes it´s the same ceiling… couldn´t stop myself from dubble posting this..


Ninja in Malmö, Sweden


Pastel in Moscow, Russia.


The smallest pool ever. In Skåne, Sweden


Neon Hot Dog in Arhus, Denmark


A view from Manhattan, US


Couple in Moscow, Russia


Please stay tuned in 2016

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After school


8B7B8978Even though the kids drive my crazy (out of my mind-kind of crazy) every single day I still miss them when they are at school. Today Viola got home early and she´s going to help me carry some furniture around. (Frank and I have been cleaning today, and cleaning at our house goes hand in hand with rearranging furniture).
I´m so glad it´s getting lighter here now, it gives me so much more energy (to rearrange furniture). It´s still light out now , as I´m writing this, at 16.00.
What else is new… well I found a new sofa on (craigs list for sweeds) that Jens might not want me to get but I might anyway (he does not read this blog). Frank and I´ve been watching “Star Wars Rebels” over and over again on Netflix. And also we are having falafel for dinner.


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