Mais oui – Isabelle & Della are in Paris!


Della my daughter turned 8 two weeks ago and she always dreamed about going to Paris and me always keen on some travel saw the opportunity and went straight to book a trip. I also believe 8 is a good number for doing a trip like this. We’re having so much fun!


It ‘s so nice having time, just the two of us. And I’m trying a strict no mobile rule. Damn those phones – they really want to get into our lives. The good thing though is less mobile = loads more photos with my good camera!


Street art pretty much everywhere. Think I need to start doing it in Stockholm – there are not enough back home! Gives a town character.


And also great doors, fences and balcony railings. Diversity is always a great key for succes.


This station was a bit as the Swedish kids tv show Labyrint!


But of course we had to do this. But Mona Lisa has to wait.


Pont des artes with all the love locks was cool. Not cool that the bridge is collapsing but such a strong love force!


Yes, there was also dogs in bags.


And the mighty tower of Eiffel. Up up up we went. A good idea is to buy the more expensive but very smart and handy skip the line tour tickets – for easy direct access and no lines to wait. My girl would have driven me mad waiting for a couple of hours to get up there.


At the top we almost fell off by the wind. Luckily there was fences everywhere. Still felt obsessions like I had when the kids where babies. That even though I was far from a window that I would somehow slip and the baby would fly in the air and 2 meters further -  out the window. Or when I stood in the kitchen cooking I obsessed about tripping with a huge knife in my hand and this knife would fly – high in the air and somehow end up in the baby…
It’s pretty common – having baby obsessions like this – right? Feeling a bit weird actually writing this…


Get out of here!! – That construction is wicked!


Guess it was “Cool girls on top of the Eiffel tower ‘ day today.


We took the elevator up and used our legs on the way down. Not as good for your bum but great for tired citytripping feet.


Bonjour mademoiselle


At first I didn’t notice I was walking on glass. Then I almost fainted. Not that afraid of heights but that glass thing got to me. Della started to jump up n’ down screaming -Look mom it’s super safe!! I promise.
Well, I’m not buying it.


This image reminds me of Robin Williams in Hook when he flies on his back <3


Jack-straws building de lux.


Work it Della!


Robocops IRL.


Had to get a jump in there as well!


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33/52 Isabelle from dosfamily


I wish I could say the same as Jenny about getting more involved with the selfies. In my case it’s not really the truth. But I embrace her fantastic ideas and show you my bloopers!

Also as this one.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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33/52 Selfie Jenny From DosFamily


Another week another portrait. As you’ve noticed Jens ( @breakfastdesign )  has been getting more and more involved in this 52-portraits-project, getting his hands dirty with make up, doodeling and beheading. 

We call this, no. 33, The Loop.

See all our selfies of 2014

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.

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At the flea today

I’m at the fleamarket. Everyone is setting up their stalls and it’s pretty crazy.I love the vibe. The feeling of bargains in the air. The wonder will I find something extraordinary?! I brought so many things to sell. Got a bit crazy at the end- just want to sell everything in my home. It feels good – to get rid of excess baggage. I want to get rid of ti all – so please come and get it. Bargain with me- we will have fun!

Strömgatan – mellan operan och vattnet i stockholm

11.00-18.00 Lördagen den 16 augusti.

Mitt tält är vid Karl XII torg – det står isabelles Verkstad.


This post is sponsored by Blocket since I work for them today but it’s my own words and feelings!

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Blocketloppis & Isabelles verkstad


Nu på lördag är det Blocketloppis på Strömgatan (i slutet av Kungsträdgården mellan Operan och vattnet) i Stockholm mellan 11-18.00. Det är i tält med tak över huvudet om det regnar och det händer en massa kul och kommer finnas finfina grejer att fynda! Jag har ett eget tält med Isabelles Verkstad – dit man kan komma och göra sina loppisfynd lite mer personliga och roliga. Jag kommer att ha med lim, servetter, tyg, papper, washitejp, tapeter, sprayfärg och andra balla prylar. Mitt tält kommer vara inrett med loppisfynd som man kan köpa och jag säljer ut en massa saker som jag har gjort under åren och mina kläder som jag inte använder och barnens gamla avlagda leksaker, kläder och prylar.
Komsi komsi!

Sorry for the Swedish my international friends! This Saturday I will have a pimp your second hand stuff workshop at a huge flea market that the Swedish version of Criaigslist which is called Blocket is organizing. I’m also selling lot’s of nice stuff from my home. Like clothes, chairs, bikes, kids stuff, books, toys and as below things I’ve done for different TV-shows and magazines


Den här Briospisen som jag har fixat till kommer jag att sälja för 75 pix! Tyvärr inte längre i lika fint skick som på bilden men ändå!


Och dessa pimpade julstakar kan bli dina för en hundring – de gjorde jag till Nyhetsmorgon.
Kom på lördag vettja – snart är det jul!


Julträdet  – adventspakets trädet gjorde jag också i Nyhetsmorgon och den säljer jag nog för 30 kronor om någon vill ha den. Dock utan paket.


Det mesta blir väldigt billigt! T-shirts för en tjuga och böcker lika så.


Mer info från Blocket:
“För tredje året i rad flyttar Blocket ut i den riktiga världen och anordnar Blocketloppis. Tidigare Blocketloppisar har varit fantastiskt kul och förra året kom mer än 30 000 besökare. I år äger Blocketloppisen rum på Strömgatan som ligger söder om Kungsträdgården i Stockholm mellan kl. 11-18. På Blocketloppis kommer man kunna fynda typiska loppisprylar som porslin och kläder men också möbler och fordon såsom bilar och skotrar. Läs mer om loppisen på

På loppisen så kommer även Amelia Widell, Koffertmannen, Flora Wiström, Emily Dahl, Sania Claus Demina och Jessica Silversaga sälja grejer.


Och ni med barn som gillar leksaker (dhöö) se hit lite extra!

Retoy kommer att finnas på plats med leksaksbyte. Låt barnen ta med leksaker de inte längre använder och byta mot en annan leksak.
Så här går det till:
1. Checka in leksaker du inte använder och få en stämpel för varje leksak du lämnar in
2. Lek dig fram till nya favoritleksaker
3. Visa upp stämpelkortet och checka ut leksakerna
Läs mer på

Hoppas vi ses på lördag!





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Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon


Do you remember the Kevin Bacon game?

That´s what we used to call it when I was a teen in the 90´s and back then I was really good at it. I could name actors left and right. I even knew small parts like the girl who drives the ferrari in National Lampoons (Christy Brinkley) and that DJ Tanners neighbor Kimmy Gibbler was played by Andrea Barber. But since then my brain has aged and decided that there is just not room for such info anymore. Nowadays I don´t even know the name of the guy that drives around in a car for a whole movie (IMDB: Ryan Gosling) or who´s the actress that the amazing Spider Man falls in love with. (IMDB: Emma Stone). (No not Kirsten Dunst, she was Spider Man´s girlfriend when Tobey Maguire was the boy behind the mask, there is a new Spider Man in town now with a new actor that I don´t know the name of)

Anyway I try to play this game as often as anyone is up for it, mainly because it gives me the perfect excuse to talk about my favorite subject: TV-stuff.

If you haven’t heard of it, this is how “6 degreen of Kevin Bacon” works you simply pick one actor/actress for your opponent and then he or she has to connect that person in as few steps possible with Kevin Bacon. Maximum of 6 steps. Since Kevin Bacon has stared in several movies there are often many ways to connect him with other people like this:
“Ryan Gossling” okay that would only be 1 step because they stared in “Crazy Stupid Love” together. That makes Ryan Gossling´s Bacon number:1.
Let´s try something harder like my favorite bad boy:


(6) “Christian Slater” I love this guy mostly because of his “Jack Nicholson -eyebrows” but also for his destructive love affairs on screen. As the one with Patricia Arquette in True Romance and the one in Heathers with the wicked Winona. Which brings me to the next connection:

(5) “Winona Ryder” I´m repeating myself here but I LOVE HER! (sorry, didn’t mean to scream). Via the movie Mermaids I can connect her to Cher.


(4) “Cher” Oh she is really something. Cher has played some great characters on the screen like “Rusty” in “Mask” and one of the witches of “Witches of Eastwick”  these movies may connect Cher quicker with Kevin Bacon, but instead I´ve decided to go via the music video with the duett “Dead Ringer For Love” so I get to talk about the oh so charming Meatloaf.


(3) “Meatloaf” I can´t stop looking at this guy. There is so much passion in his body language that he has me mesmerized. It reminds me of Jack Black´s Tenacious D performances and gives me the same buzz as when I watch Freddie Mercury start Radio GaGa at the LIVE AID. Congrats Meat Loaf for being so awesome! Meatloaf played “Tiny” in Wayne´s World which connects him to Rob Lowe.



(2)”Rob Lowe” played the douchebag in Waynes world where Meatloaf played “Tiny”.  But let´s talk about Rob´s earlier roles when he was nothing short from lovely. The movie Youngblood will always have a special place in my brain. Watching him and co star Patrick Swayze skating around (among other things) made me realize I was straight. (The movie “Dirty Dancing ” with the same lovely Patrick is often picked when I ask people about those kind of realizations).


Okay Jenny you are rambling… Back to the game: I´ll connect Rob Lowe to Elizabeth Perkins via the movie “About Last Night” (remember? she´s Demi´s girlfriend).


(1) Elizabeth Perkins is such a star. Great in BIG and also in the TV show Weeds. She stared with Mr Bacon himself in “He Said, She Said” which gives her the “Bacon number 1″

That´s it.

If you can connect any of these to Bacon in fewer steps do let me know.
Have fun



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