Nebraska in pictures part 7


Sweden is so dark during December, sooooo painfully dark.  The Nebraska winter sure is a lot colder but the sun is out all the time. I´m going to miss all that light. In the picture above Viola is taking my sister´s dog Daisy for a walk on Christmas Day. (the candles are still out on the streets as you can see)



1. I love dresses with pockets and I found one at GAP´s mega sale that I wore for Christmas. 2. On the 29th I celebrated my 35th birthday with an all-girls-lunch. The staff at the restaurant treated me to a big piece of birthday cake. 3. Every year my sister orders a Swedish cooked ham at a place called Shuster´s. Jens went there to pick it up. You really can´t tell it´s a meat market in there, it looks like an abandoned gas station. But the taste of that ham is lovely. 4. Storm drain.


Garden decor.

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Nebraska in pictures part 6 – graduation and visiting the Capitol


My oh so lovely niece Samantha Rose (to the left) and her cool friends graduated from school the week before Christmas. They are now done with school. Yay!! According to my mom (her grandma) Sammy is the nicest person on the planet. And I love her to pieces. (And yes we named our shop after her) . The selfie above is taken by superstar football player Ameer Abdullah @Ameerguapo


1. Me at the Capitol in the city of Lincoln where my sister works. 2. The tiles of that building is so pretty. 3. …and so are the statues. 4. Viola checking out the view.


First day here I invested in this 2-piece pyjamas.


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Nebraska in pictures part 5 we went to the arcade


As you´ve noticed I´m trying to catch up on all the blogging that I should have done during our trip here. I know that if I don´t post it now when we are still here it wont be done when I get back. So hang in there – it will be intense =)
The Nebraska weather is know for it´s dramatic changes. During our 3 weeks here we´ve had hard rain, snow and spring-like weather that has let us run around outside in our t shirts. It changes fast. There is a saying that goes something like this: “When in Nebraska – if you don´t like the weather – wait another ten minutes”


1. House hunting with Jens. 2. Spongebob 3. Going to the store for some glögg and ginger bread cookies. (Yes you can get those Swedish christmas treats here) 4. Wildlife in Nebraska.



It’s never too early to teach your kids about gambling!

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We took all the kids to the arcade one day. Jens made a little video of it.


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Nebraska in Pictures part 4


Every morning when the kids has come down the stairs the pile of  Christmas gifts has gotten bigger. They´ve been so sweet and barely even wanted to touch the gifts scared they would figure out what was inside. Viola got what she wanted- a pair of purple (used) Dr. Martens and new headphones (Batman). Frank got Transformers and the foreman Frank (from the Lego movie). Above a picture from a typical morning here- Frank taking his time in the bathroom with the Ipad.

PS: Next year I´m investing in fabric gift bags (Jennifer´s Bag-All) instead of wrapping gifts in paper. Gathering all that waste on Christmas eve made me feel quite silly.  Never again.


1. Look at Jens. He fits right in. 2. Jens and his brother in law Spike took the kids to a indoor desert. The dome looks pretty cool. 3. They also went to an aquarium.  4. Viola and Missan the cat.


There is a full service gas station down the street from where we live. Isn’t that cute?


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Nebraska in Pictures part 3 Viola´s candy free year



In this picture you are witnessing Viola´s first bite of candy for a whole year.
At her school it has become quite the trend to lay off candy for a long time. If you make it your parents (if they are up for the challenge) will reward you. Viola ended her candy free year on Christmas eve and oh boy she sure has been in a candy coma since then.
As a reward kids can get some pretty nice treats like money or a Wii and I´ve even heard about kids who have gotten their own Ipads for quitting candy. Viola got her reward in advanced- Saba the Cat. But now she is officially back in business- Watch out Willy Wonka!


1. Look at that flashlight on the library shelf. So nice looking.  2. We went to see some dinos at Murril Hall in Lincoln. 3. Viola found the cutest little chimp there. 4. Viols with rasberries on her finger tips.


Look at this fun product – Ugly Sweater cookie kit.


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Christmas tradition on Stratford Ave.

The whole neighborhood chips in for decorating the street!

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On my sister’s historic street all the neighbors get together on Christmas eve to decorate with candles in sand filled bags up and down the street. The tradition started about 50  years ago and everyone participates.  100s of white bags with candles line the sidewalks and boulevards.

Viola has been doing this once before but this year was Frank´s first time.

Jens made a pretty neat video of it.  You can watch it above or on instagram @breakfastdesign


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