Where do babies come from?


I´m so sick and tired of telling them so this is my new sassy answer to their old tedious question:
“So mom… refresh my memory, where do babies come from again?”


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Enter to win a camera from Lomography – Ended


UPDATE: The Giveaway has ended. Ckick to see the winner.

Good Morning!

It´s Monday! And here´s a nice giveaway for you guys brought to you by Lomography.
Enter to win a Diana F+ with Flash Explorer Nocturne Edition. This is such sweet looking camera that shoots with 120 mm film. My friends over at Lomography suggested that this camera will be a good fit for my creative DosFamily readers, and I agree. Perfect for bringing along on your upcoming summer events. Read more about the camera here.

Here is how to enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment below, follow Lomography on Facebook and signup for their newsletter  a winner will be randomly selected on Friday June 12th.
Open to Europeen residents only.

Winner will be announced and contacted by email on Friday the 12th 





Diana F+ with Flash Explorer Nocturne Edition
With a copper color scheme and a starry night sky design, this special edition camera features our protagonist the handsome wolf: A caring companion and a fearsome explorer. Like the classic Diana F+, the Explorer Nocturne takes lovely medium format photos and is compatible with the Diana F+ lens and accessory system. A flash is included and you can play around with the unlimited multi exposures and use the B setting for light paintings!

Good Luck!




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Weekend birthday party


Jens and I´ve been playing hooky from work today, getting suff ready for Viola´s 10th birthday, this weekend. We are so excited about this magic number. Got her a pretty good gift that will blow her away (at least that´s what we think). I´ll show you next week. jennyfromdosfamily-1505

I love shopping with Jens, but he says that it´s more work to bring me than it is to bring the kids. jennyfromdosfamily-1503

Yummy yummy, Swedish strawberries.jennyfromdosfamily-1524

Now we have som wrapping to do.


Have a nice weekend

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Dear Diary, Dear Facebook Diary


I have a diary. I fill it with things that´s happened in my daily facebook feed.

I write down what people are talking about, what they are linking to and being outraged over. Mostly stuff that stands out and gets linked by many, like the Emma Watson UN Speech, but also random cat videos, heroic acts and missing people.
Imagin in 50 years or so, I´m in a rocking chair reading my facebook diary for my grandkids.
I´ll tell them that in October 2014 Facebook was mostly about Ebola, inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids and lots of discussions whether or not Twin Peaks is coming back. It really got out of hand after David Lynch´s tweet “That gum you like is coming back in style”.

I´ll tell them about how Kimmy broke the internet in November of 2014 and how her beloved Caitlyn Jenner broke it again in June 2015.jennyfromdosfamily-1471

I keep it by my computer, close to the action. jennyfromdosfamily-1464

Here are some other random post I find in it:
20/5 2015 – Lots of links to the Justin Bieber -  Carpool Karaoke video with James Corden. I was already a Beliber when the carpool video came so I was very excited.


Close to Christmas Facebook reminded us how to recycle tea-lights with the shocking headline “YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!”. Put your trust into Facebook, she is always there to guilt-trip you about what you eat, what your kids eat and how your lack of excercise will ruin you. and other stuff like that.


But even though Faceboook is such a goody-two-shoes I really like spending time there.

Thank you Facebook for giving my brain a well deserved break several times a day, keeping me informed about the latest Kardashian gossip, and showing me the best and worst of Youtube.  Also I´ve found an old friend who I chat with so frequently we even have our menstrual cycles synchronized now.
(Insert the emoji of two girls dancing, each wearing a leotard and bunny ears. You know the one.)




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Pictures of me from the studio


I´ve been thrifting stuff for our new studio. One of the things I´ve bought is this sculpture / plate och a girl. Don´t know where I´m going to hang it yet though.

Not only have I been thrifting I´ve also been busy working. Right now I´m shooting the 2016 catalog for Swedish brand Geggamoja. Can´t show you any of the clothes yet but this soft fella is already online.

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A bug on the blog



This is how my family looked this weekend when I asked them to pose for me.
Frank is not having it, Jens is looking stern and Viola is as always so relaxed. By the way, that´s her soccer outfit. She loves soccer and wants to go to practise even though it´s raining cats and dogs (like it did yesterday)
Also: I´ve had some problems with my blog server for the last couple of days. Hopefully everything should be back working as usual now. That´s why I haven´t been blogging as frequently as I usually do.


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