A new couch


So guess what?! I bought a new couch.

It´s just like my old one- so now I have two of them and we can all fit.
Here Frank is enjoying his breakfast in one of them.



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That wall – at isabelle’s apartment


We have that one wall that has been the backdrop for numerous colors and shoots. Here comes a recap. I love the idea of an accent wall. I think it makes such a difference in a room. And it’s a great way to add color to a room – what do you think? Here is a pinkish – beige. Actually the same as in our hallway.


Beppe as a baby next to that wall – I think this was when he turned 1.


And here Beppe was 3 years!


And on his birthday I added Washi tape for his party.

bondegatan7_wall  ‘

Me jumping – last year! This is the shade on this wall I loved the most!


Jenny in our sofa. I think she made all that mess in the kids room.


In betweenhues. I actually painted it a darker shade of pink to get the cover for our Rum För Kidsen book just right.


These are the images for the cover of the book.


This is the dummy for the cover for the book.

Rum För Kidsen – Ny bok! Kommer 11 mars from Dos Family on Vimeo.

And the top motion we made from the cover!


Then it had to change again for the cover of Family Living! And the other good thing with an accent wall is that you don’t even need to move the furniture ver y far when painting like in this pic. It goes quick and gives maximum effect!


And we put up the climbing holds.


The last shot we’ve done is for the Philips instamag #magasinetljus that I’m hosting during November.


Watch my apartment styled for sale right here! & right now!



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A special sneaker collaboration


I always been a major sneaker fan. I haven’t used high heels in over a year. I need shoes that I can move in (dance in) and feel comfortable in. I can enjoy feeling elegant in a pair of heels but still always get back to my kicks. As long as I can remember . Thinking about how I wanted my dads Stan Smiths When I was a kid and the disappointment of getting cheap rip offs, or watching the older teams getting sponsored basketball shoes and the longing for real Jordans when I played ball. Or how I on every trip abroad I always look for cool sneakers. It’s just my thing!

Peter & ERik are two friends of mine who in the 90′s started the fab store SneakersnStuff. PEter used to date a younger sis of a friend of mine and at the time I had found a rare pair of Golden Nike Cortez – the rumor  of these shoes got to him before we even met and we kicked off right from there. Erik played ball and we had lots of friends in common from the beginning. Anyways I started to customize sneakers around 2000 and we helped eachother out. They rally know what they are doing and it’s like them and Colette who gets to drop the most special edition shoes. Anyways now they have done a collaboration with the Swedish company 10 gruppen & Puma.

Some history about Sneakersnstuff & 10 Gruppen you get from this clip.
10 Gruppen was founded in 1070 by 10 designers who wated to own the whole design process. They are known for bold patterns. REally nice. And now 3 of them made it onto sneakers that are made in a special factory in Japan. Cool!


This is collaboration at it’s best I think – when different worlds collide.
Well done!

My pair  – the turquoise is called Puma Birgitta. Birgitta is my mother in laws name – suits me well!

You can find these sneakers right here.




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Random views and years at Isabelles apartment.


I get so nostalgic checking all these images from this apartment. Such a great place and family! I love this pic from a normal breakfast.


I made that lamp – the star on the wall – remember? And the red chair is bought on a flea market in Paris by my mom. The she took it to Belgium and I moved it to Stockholm. My dad the changed the fabric. The table and dining chairs are 50′s Ikea. and I bought it from someone who’s garden I helped making for a TV gardenings show called Äntligen Trädgård.


I’m cleaning – she’s playing.


A cool cat in her room.


Having the table at a different place in the room. Works as well!


Della trying out her first bike.

More from my flat and the for sale ad (yes I’m going on about this but you know I have to!)


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The kids room during the years at Isabelle’s apartment.


Since it’s celebrating Isabelles apartment week due to it’s up for sale this week. I thought we could look at what have been the kids room from the start. This is the room that have been changed the most during the years – as I write about in this post. More than 7 times in 8 years! I love making kids rooms!
The first room was with this gigant rabbit bed. It was more than 1.80 meters high and the crib was behind the big nose – you can watch me make it here. I loved being in the living room and watching this crazy thing. But Della only slept there once. She stayed in our bed almost the whole first year… And by then we needed the space so I gave the rabbits head to a school near by.


After the rabbit she stayed in the crib for a while then in the crib but with one side open. I then bought this bed with a slide at Blocket and sew the curtains and painted it. It’s actually an Ikea bed from the beginning. Here is the view from the kitchen. And the opening with the sliding doors. It works so well with the kids room next to the living room.

Photo by Martin Cederblad


Then little bro started to climb up that slide and it was dangerous and we needed more space for both of the kids. The bed we found on the attic at our cottage. It’s probably more than 100 years old. It was really dirty and shabby but not chic. So we painted it. The wallpaper comes from Minakani walls.

Image by Jonas Gustavsson for Family living.


Beppes bed was put next to the window. Both my kids were climbers so they needed climbable beds really early.


And Now it kind of looks like this. Della picked the purple color on the wall and the flowery wallpaper is from Nadja Wedin. The sideboard is from Lauritz.com but it came out small insects out of it last summer so we had to throw it out. (Loud crying noises here- -loved that crazy piece).

Jenny Brandt took these 2 images for our book Rum För kidsen.


The unicorn bunkbed me and Della made together. And the old bed is just underneath.


It a great room. Truly peaceful.

If you wanna buy the apartment check out the ad right here.


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Life At Jenny´s House

dosfamily-8B7B3031 dosfamily-8B7B3049 dosfamily-8B7B3058 dosfamily-8B7B3064

It´s getting darker. A lot darker. Here are some pictures of us staying inside listening to music while playing on our devices.

1. Sunday is “no pants all day” day
2. Frank made an awesome discovery all by himself on Youtube: A new season of his no. 1 show “Rescue Bots”  has been made. And in it the bots can transform into dinosaurs.
3. Carrie Bradshaw store her shoes in her kitchen and Jens keeps his records in ours.
4. Lots of birds in our yard for Viola and Saba to look at. (Viola breaking the “no pants” rule)

bye bye for now

PS: More “Life at jenny´s house” posts are found here!


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