Anything to get his attention


As the kids are getting older it´s getting harder to get their attention.
A few years back we had to fight them off because they were so clingy, now they have to fight us off cause we miss them being clingy.

Frank still loves taking pictures with my camera though. So we did that this weekend.

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When I´m crusing around the internet in the seach for pictures I want to hang on my livingroom wall I always come back to the same place for inspiration: The mug shot archive on The Smoking Gun. They have gathered a bunch of mug shots in catagories like “hollywood stars” , “B-lists” and “Topless Guys” and there is even a section with “Hawaiin shirt mug shots” .

If you don´t want to wallow in other peoples dispair I´ve done you the favour and collected the best ones here. These mug shots are as dignified as a mug shots can be. (You´re welcome!)  Too bad they are so small they would look great in a big print above my couch.


“Frank Sinatra was arrested by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff in 1938 and charged with carrying on with a married woman (yes, you could get popped for that back then). The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed”dosfamily-rparksmug1

“Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was photographed by Alabama cops following her February 1956 arrest during the Montgomery bus boycotts. The booking photo, taken when Parks was 43, was discovered in July 2004 by a deputy cleaning out a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department storage room.”


“Forty years before he posed for this famous mug shot, Nick Nolte was photographed by the Omaha Police Department following his arrest for selling phony draft cards. The Nebraska native, 20 at the time of his February 1961 bust, subsequently was convicted and received a five-year suspended sentence.”


“Jane Fonda was arrested in November 1970 in Cleveland after she allegedly kicked a local cop. The actress/activist, then 32, scuffled with the policeman after being stopped at the airport by U.S. Customs agents for having a large quantity of pills in her possession. Fonda posed for the above mug shot as she was being processed for assaulting the officer (that charge was later dismissed).She was booked a day earlier on federal drug smuggling charges, which were also later thrown out.”


“Actor Tim Allen was arrested in October 1978 while attempting to sell a large amount of cocaine to a Michigan undercover officer. Allen, 25 at the time, served about two years in federal prison following the bust.”


“Music legend David Bowie was arrested in upstate New York in March 1976 on a felony pot possession charge. The Thin White Duke, 29 at the time, was nabbed along with Iggy Pop and two other codefendants at a Rochester hotel following a concert. Bowie was held in the Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released. The above Rochester Police Department mug shot was taken three days after Bowie’s arrest, when the performer appeared at City Court for arraignment.”



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Random things going on this morning

output_6ld1JU (1)Good day!
The sun was really good to us this morning.
Viola is at school.
Frank and Jens are packing up their gear to go swimming.
I´m ordering some of my own photographs for the corner above.


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Just a quick update before rushing off to the hairdresser


Changing my hair has done wonders for my selfie-game. Never have I turned the lens to myself as oftan as now.
Today I´m going back to the twins Ebba & Vera for a touch up. (If you live inthe Ystad area you should check them out!)

Since my hair was very dark, they had to bleech it several times to get it blond. Then they made it grey by adding some grey/blue stuff.
Sometimes I ad a pastel/violet foam colorant from Goldwell if I feel like purple hair.

See you later.


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Life At Jenny´s House – the studio


We´ve made ourselves at home in our new studio.
So nice not having all our work stuff scattered around our home anymore.


Saba the cat keeps us company all day.


Finally we have room for a scooter indoors


The queen of the studio. Me.

That´s it! Now back to work.

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3 albums that I like. Mike Oldfield, Sally Oldfield and Henry Mancini

Good Morning! Today I´m treating you with 3 easy listening tips.
With Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices you need to make only to listen to some music. How does one choose when you can listen to pretty much everything on the planet?
I think many just fall back on the same old stuff. I know this because I´m like that.

Here are 3 albums that I love and you might too.

They are all very diffrent but have a few things in common like:
They are all around their 40´s and have stood up to the test of time very nicely.
None of them have had any radio hits and they are all perfect as background music while you´re working.


dosfamily-music (1 of 2)

1. Mike Oldfield´s Tubular Bells
It´s a beautiful and mysterious album recorded by Mike Oldfield when he was only 19 years old. It has no vocals and perhaps that´s why you never hear any of the tracks on the radio. You will recognise many of the tunes though, they´ve been sampled frequently and both Twin Peaks and The Exorsist have used some of the moste chilling bits from this album.
You can find it on Youtube here and Spotify here

When is this good: When you´re daydreaming or driving far or making a complex plan that will change mankind.
People who probably like this: Carl Sagan. Wednesday Addams.  And the old guy who created Edwars Scissorhands.

dosfamily-music (2 of 2)

2.Henry Mancini´s The Return Of The Pink Panther
This movie was one of my favourits when I was a child so taking too the soundtrack as an adult was not hard.
But the well known theme song is the least interesting track of the album. (only ´cause it´s been played so much) Tracks like “So smooth” and “Here´s looking at you kid” are wonderful and the track “Belly Belly bum Bum” is very exciting.
Every track gives you a new mood, easy to imagin yourself in a new movie set for every track. All of a sudden you´re at a discotech and a few minutes later you´re taking a strole somewhere romantic.
Jens and I listen to it and make up stòrys:
“Ahh here you´ve just checked into a skiing resort. You´re wearing a big fur hat and dressed in all white, caus it´s the 70´s”  To “The greatest gift

The record is sooo easy to like, smooth and soft on your skin and quite romantic.
You can find many of the songs on Youtube (see links above) and Spotify here.

When is this good: Any social gathering like a coctailparty. And when you´re taking a bath or just prancing around in the nude.
People who probably like this: Ellen Griswold. Sammy Davids Jr.

dosfamily-music (1 of 1)

3. Sally Oldfield´s Celebration

After listeing to the albums above with no vocals it´s time for a song bird.
And you can trust Sally Oldfield to prevail. Her voice is so dreamy and has me drawn in. And would fit perfectly sung in a curch. It´s poetic and spiritual.
This one can be tricky to find. I had no luck with Spotify but found most of the tracks on Youtube. Start out with Blue Water and here are a few more. This is the full list of the songs that are featured on Celebration.

When is this good: If you´re having a sad day, stuck in thoughts. If I was a fisherman I would bring this out to sea.
People who probably like this: Jules and Nic from the movie “The kids are alright”




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