Red Beet Juice


I got a juice processer for my birthday (Dec. 29th) and I swear to God I´ve used it every day since. The trick is to always have good stuff at home, so I always stock up on some or all of these items:  carrots, cucumber, apple, red beeets, parsnip, celery, lemons and ginger. A good thing about these ingredients are that they´ll keep for a long time in the fridge if you don´t end up using them right away.

I have such a sweet tooth and roam the house for leftover sweets or snacks several times a day. But this usually helps me.
It´s delicious and makes a very pretty mess in the kitchen.

My favourite is parsnip+red beet+lemon+ginger, while the kids prefer apple+ginger.

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Action Bronson


I need to show you rapper “Action Bronson´s”  fun and stimulating videos, incase anyone has missed them. If you have the slightest interest in larger-than life personalities, unpredictable pop culture, Eddie Murphy´s “Coming to America”, or Lady Gaga-like attitudes I´m sure this guy will entertain you. He is already an established rapper and I know I´m very late- finding out about him. But now that I do know I can’t keep quiet. I have to show my appreciations for the way he chooses to do his thing by sharing his music with you life style-blog-readers.

His album “Mr Wonderful” was just released and I´m hoping that every track will get it´s own video. Fingers crossed.

Drive the Harley into the sunset…
Action Bronson´s  Easy Rider.


Some green screen magic in
Action Bronson´s  Actin Crazy.


If you know this costume- you´ll like this video.
Action Bronson´s Baby Blue



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Life At Jenny´s House


We love our cat Saba so much, we cuddle and sweet talk her. We look at her with loving eyes as we give her food and pamper her with soft pillows in the windowsill when she wants to spy on birds in our yard. We even light our fireplace in the morning cause we know she likes to lay infront of it bathing in the light of the flames.

And this is how she looks back at us. With a blank stare.


We´ve been taking lots of long walks lately. dosfamily-redbeatjuice

Getting this kid to eat vegetables has become an easy task since I got a juice processer. Here he´s had some red beat and ginger juice.


Sad to see this fox in a ditch outside our village. So pretty.

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Illustration by Anna Ileby


Swedish illustrator Anna Ileby did this portrait of Viola and Saba. So cute.
Looking at this picture I realize that Viola´s hair color has faded quite a lot since then and we should re-color it.  She´s tried both pink and blue before and next time I think she wants it red.dosfamily-illustratedViola

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The Solar Eclipse at Jenny´s house and a story about an aurora in the 1980´s and a very enthusiastic father


This is what the solar eclipse looked like at our house today.  So very cool.
Both my parents are huge fans of stuff like this and it has rubbed off on me and today I looked at it through a blackend glass.
After roaming though my house in the search for a pieces of glass I finally remembered the glass shelf in my fridge.  It  worked great. I burnt it on a candle til the soot had turned it partly black. Then I could see the solar eclipse niceley and even get a picture of it.

Below you see something else: my parents in their garden, my favourit picture. I took this at the last Solar Eclpise,  we were messing around with different mask to see what gave the best view of the eclipse. I asked them to look at me and they gave me this pose as I took the picture. I love them.

Events like these are so nostalgic to me,  when I was a kid my dad would drag us out of the house at night to watch particularly bright stars or rare constallations. He had his own body paint shop and used to work late in his garage, listening to the radio, smoking and looking at stars. If he saw something out of the ordinary he called us too come look. He did not even care if we were in the middle of an episode of Dallas, we had to come out and look.

Once, when I was around 10 yrs old and my sister was 5 yr,  he stormed into the livingroom urging us: “Come quick! There is an aurora” This is extremly rare in our part of Sweden, and I have not seen one since. Anyway we all stumbled out in the dark and followed dad to a field with tall grass behind our garage. We were all mesmerized by the beautiful light in the sky. I heard dad say someting to mom about “I think this is what music looks like..” then BAAM – I fell down screaming. I had walked right into a sharp piece of tractor equipment and even though I could not see it I could feel the blood pouring down my leg.

I still have a big ugly scar to prove it. It probably should have been stitched up but since my mom is really hard core she does not belive in going to the hospital unless you really, really have to.
Plus didn´t I mention that Dallas was on?



This is how I filtered the glass.


It was quite cloudy but I could still see the sun.




PS: Remeber the Solar Eclips in Stephen King´s Dolores Claiborne story? Revenge is sweet.


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Frank, robotic dogs and a video that makes me smile

As some of you already know my son Frank suffered an aneurysm when he was in my belly. This has left him with limited use over his limbs on the right side of his body. He is such a little trooper and has developed his own way of doing things, like running and carrying stuff. Just recently he started taking riding lessons and he has even learned how to swim, under water like a cute seal, but still he IS swimming, something we never ever even dared to dream of when he was born and the doctors told us about all the basic things he would probably never do: like walk or go to a regular school.

Frank´s lucky in many ways, his problems have turned out to be a lot more mild than everyone first thought, and he has an exctremly dedicated  and stubborn father, who never seems to quit. Also Frank is born into this awesome time , with all these cool things going on like Robotic Dogs, Selfie sticks, 3D printed clothes and it feels like we are infact living in the future (the kind of future we learned about in 80´s movies).

Another thing that makes me happy is this darling video.

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