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selife-jennyfromdosfamily-23Here is Selfie no. 23

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One portrait of Jenny. 
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Jenny Visits Sixten


This is Sixten. He is my friend.

When I went to photograph his family´s home (see it here) Sixten tagged along with me all day, helping me with the shoot and keeping me company. When I was done we decided that I would return another day just to photograph stuff with him.  And here are the pictures from that day.


We photographed things like this robot that Sixten and his dad made.


..and this little buddy


… and these concrete sculptures.


You know how some kids can sit all by themselves, making things or drawing for hours and hours letting their parents be. Well that is not Sixten.
Sixten loves to make things but he wants the company of his father in the process.  Sixten´s dad, Marcus, is a wood shop teacher so I totally understand Sixten. With his dad´s help you can make pretty much anything you want out of wood.


My favorite piece at their house is this flamingo. Made out of left over wood.


Sixten also showed me another flamingo at his house. One not made of wood but one that can sing.


There are always something being built in this room.




See you later Sixten!


PS: Marcus trade is the re-use of wood. He makes all kinds of cool things from leftover furniture, driftwood and other left over materials. Like this water station I found on his Instagram.


Follow Marcus on Instagram @kombino_amobel
And his page here!

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Jenny and Viola go back to school (already?)


Viola and I met a principal today. She let us in her school and took us to their storage room.


They had all sorts of (picture perfect) teaching supplies.


Like this eye.


alligators of course.


and birds


Viola found a snake skin and announced that she had been crowned “Queen of snakes” or “Miss Snake”


This little girl we wanted to adopt.


We discussed what an ear infection would feel like if you had a big ear like this.


Then Viola got obsessed with screaming inappropriate words to the ear.


and eventually the principal shut the door so no one except us and the ear would hear.


I was even in one of the pictures.


Harry Potter props?


Thanks for having us over. Now we wont return to school in a few months time.

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Trowback Thursday- A very very very very close close-up of Jenny


You know how Viola got her hair trimmed on the side. An undercut I believe it is called.
Jens reminded me that I used to have that hair style as well. But on both sides.
It was really more of a mullet“, he said. “I used to call you the comet, remember?”

He was right, I found a picture from 11 years ago of me in a mullet. Looking at the picture I realize that back then I had the decency not to pluck my eyebrows.
I don´t now why I started.

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You tube wednesday

I’m just a sucker for twisted illusion and creative weirds ways of doing things. This video is great – probably internet will explode with this video but never mind! Enjoy!

Pearls Negras: The Girls from Vidigal on Nowness.com

And with the world cup in Brazil and all eyes on this fantastic country – check out these cool gals!

Also if you are amazed by hights – check this out!


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Life At Jenny´s House


So Jens and I had a talk with the kids. We told them. “Hey listen. If we are going to survive this long summer break you need to stop shouting “MOM”, “DAD” every 15 minutes.  We are simply going to go mental if you do”. They looked at us as if they understood.

Now they have started to call us “JENNY!!!, JENS!!!


Other things that has happened: My lens hood is broken so sometimes my pictures look like this…


… an acquaintance (with a very neat garden) was here and complimented us for having such a cozy and welcoming garden. This came as such a surprise to me; I always think that people with neat gardens look at ours with a frown and see nothing but a tangled mess. He excused his own garden with “we don´t want the hassle of gardening so we plant nothing and only keep a trimmed lawn”

I get that but for me it´s like this:
I love having a garden and I plant things as if I was totally unaware of my lack of consistency. If the plant survives my neglect I tell myself. “Wow this sure is a keeper! Let´s go buy some more of them!”

Stuff is growing everywhere and if I don´t feel like pulling weeds they will be left there growing into full length.
Apparently I´m not the only one who finds this endearing.


Viola is singing and talking mostly in English nowadays.  (with cousins in the US she has the privilege of being exposed to the language often. that and also 100 of hours of youtube a day helps). She asks us to give her sentences in Swedish for her to translate. It can be anything like “I would rather be sleepy in London then naked in Paris” or “If you don´t give me my breakfast now I´m going to throw a tantrum” or simply: “Can I wear my tail to school?”

We are so impressed with her ability to improvise and she wont give up until we understand. Like f.e.
We asked her:
How would you order a ham and cheese sandwich?” 
She said:
Can I please have some bread with cheese and pigs butt?”


The baby birds left the bird house.


Also Saba the cat spends a lot of time outside. On a leash. She gets tangled up in pretty much everything. The swing, plants, toys and weeds and so on. Thanks to this we´ve finally figured out how crop circles are made. You simply put a cat on a leash in a field and eventually you´ll have a perfectly round shape with a cat stuck in the middle. I made a rough sketch to explain it.


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