Monday night


Still haven’t decided on a shade for this shelf. So I’ve started filling it as it is. The room is so cozy now with this music section and we all hang out here at night.


I also want to paint the walls in the picture above. Pink is a good contender but I’m not ruling out a nice wallpaper. We´ll see.

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Clouds ahead – New print at our shop


There’s a new print in our shop today: “clouds ahead” by Jens Grönberg.

You who follow us on instagram (@breakfastdesign / @jennyfromdosfamily) know that we like photographing clouds, and here we made use of them for this print.
Jens finalized it this weekend and it´s available in two sizes.
50x70cm 75EURO
70x100cm 90EURO

Go to the shop to see more.


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Life at Jenny’s House

jennybrandt-toymirror2Here’s some recent pics of our life from my camera.
Frank looking at me trough our toymirror. Toys from happy meals,  wallpaper from Sandberg’s Familj collection.

Saba, or as we usually refer to her; the spawn of Satan, and some tellies.
8B7B3032Saturday mornings are so sweet. Nothing planned just how we like it.


The weather has been acting crazy latley. This looks like something out of a bible studie film but for real it’s just outside our house.

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