A black bat cave – that´s where I sleep


This is what I see when I wake up in the morning. I LOVE our bedroom this dark. It´s like a cave. A bat-cave.
I´m waiting for a wallpaper to add to the ceiling then I´ll show you the whole thing.

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May might be the pretties month


Skåne, where we live, is in full bloom. It takes Jens and I forever to go places because we need to stop for pictures everywhere.
Jens made a short film of this kid´s place. Watch it below.


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Make the compliments count. (If someone said that my photography sucked. I believed them)


Above my computer screen: A 4-eyed cat. A robot that Frank made. My sister and I posing for a photographer. And compliments. Yes you heard me right. Compliments.

You know the feeling: one mean-spirited remark weighs more then 100 compliments? I know this to be true because I used to feel that way.
I used to be really dependent on other peoples approval. The not so nice comments used to linger on me forever while the nice ones bounced off me like they were nothing.

If someone said that my photography sucked. I believed them.
If someone said that my photography was nice I told myself “What do they know?”. “They´re not even into photography”. “They have to say that, their´re my parents” or “They´re just being nice”.

Getting older has many advantages. Seeing you´re own bullshit is one of them. Today I don´t let my brain or heart overlook the compliments. On the contrary- I suck them up with a pink straw, print them out and even use them in my crafting. Like above: one comment has been integrated in the book “Barbie´s adventure in the Caribbean” and the other one is encouring (not only me but also) Ursula in the scen when she´s planning world domination.

With my age I´ve also learnt that the most important opinion regarding my work is my own. If I don´t like it- it´s probably crap. If I like it- I´m on the right track.

However giving the nice compliments more room then the bad ones is a pretty good routine.


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My hair and I working late in the studio. #purplehair #stopmotion music by #giltrythall on the #moog

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Jenny Dosfamily.com (@jennyfromdosfamily)

My hair and I working late in the studio.
You are following me on instagram right? @jennyfromdosfamily

PS: The brilliant music is by Gil Trythall. He plays the moog.

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