At the end of the rainbow or when a toilet looks like pure gold


“Some days are better then others.
Some days toilets are better then other days toilets. “
quote by Morrissey wildly edited by me.

Yesterday we had a big get together at Fotografiska to celebrate our book launch. (Isabelle will tell you more about it later)
We had invited a few people whom we “know” from Instagram. And it was like a big Instagram love fest.

I feel happy today because
1. People seem to like our book  and
2. these people totally blew me away with being just as fun and awesome and full of diversity like their instagram accounts had led me to believe.

Q: So what does this picture have to do with it?
A: Well I´m just saying its such a good day even a dirty toilet looks good.


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Wish I was this consistent

Wes Anderson // Centered from kogonada on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to go and see Hotel Budapest – have you watched it yet?


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12/52 Jenny From DosFamily


My selfie number 12 is from today. Frank and I went to to buy a mirror from an ad on Blocket today.

One portrait of Jenny. 
One portrait of Isabelle.


PS: Speaking of family. Don´t miss our Family Picture Tour. Will post some great pictures from our readers this week. Thank you and keep them coming!

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The DosFamily Family Picture Tour 2014


Our Family Picture Tour has officially started. Take a look at all the family portraits sent in by our readers below.
They are awesomeness personlified.  I can´t belive all these cool cats read our blog.
Thank you all who have joined already and for those of you who have not- Please DO!

Here´s how it works:
“I ´m relaunching our classic challenge “The DosFamily Family Picture Tour”.
And I´m hoping you will join. I absolutely love seeing you all, our readers scattered all over our globe.
Some of you long time readers might remember these tours from 2009 and 2012

It´s really simple here is how it goes: Take a photo of yourself with your family. You can use your cellphone, a photo booth or your camera on a tripod.
It does not take long and seriously: how many pictures do you have of the whole family together? Not many I bet!
Then send it to me. I´ll post it here and If you have a blog let me know, and I will link to it with your picture.
Also ad the city and /or country where you live. How you define “Family” is up to you.
It could be you, alone , with your cat, spouse, sister, friend , kids and so on.

Here is the address joindosfamily (@)
This email is only checked during these times of Family tour challenges. E
verything else has to go through our contact form. Got  Instagram? use #dosfamily or #dosfamilytour if you want to join that way.”

Need some inspiration? Check out all the families who joined back in 2009. They are awesome! And so are the families who joined in 2012


zurich-tour-dosfa thailand-dosfamily-tour skåne-sweden-familytour

The Kombino family Skåne, Sweden

poland-dosfamily-tour dosfamily-jansch-3

The Jansch girls from Bag All

dosfamily-spain-tour dosfamily-france-tour





dosfamily-skandimama. @kakakakaroline
Need some inspiration? Check out all the families who joined back in 2009. They are awesome! And so are the families who joined in 2012
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Life At Jenny´s House


I know it´s been snowing on you Isabelle in Stockholm today but here in Ystad the sun is shining and spring is in the air. The best part about spring is the light! Our house has been filled with it and it sure has rubbed off on our mood.
Here are some photos from our house today.


We picked up Frank early from daycare and he has been wrestling in our bed since.


We screwed around with my hair…


We played Go Fish.


And Barbie had a pretty little baby.


Frank and Jens planning their next wrestling move.


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Specialerbjudande – Special offer on our book


Du kan få 7 nummer av Family Living + vår bok Rum För Kidsen för bara 179 kronor (+ postage 39 kr)!

Läs allt om denna superdeal på denna länk!

Bara boken går annars på runt 190 kronor.
Toppen eller hur?!

This is a deal for our Swedish readers only  -you can get the book and 7 issues of the magazine for only 179 kronor (+ porto 39 kr)!



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