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Bloglove Friday part II – Jenny Brandt

Min partner in crime länge var ju Jenny Brandt. Nu har vi inte haft några projekt på länge men hon är ju forever ever in my heart och gör ju som vanligt fabulösa grejer med Jens, hennes man! Nu i dagarna tre så säljer hon bilder på AB Småland i Malmö (som verkar superfint)! Så…


Previously on Instagram

Previously on Instagram… Jenny and Jens have been hovering around that new music shelf in the studio.  Saba the cat has managed to worm her way into quite a few instagram moments and the weather has offered some berserk clouds outside the family’s house. Tune in next week (or now) @breakfastdesign and @jennyfromdosfamily  


Clouds ahead – New print at our shop sammyrose.se

There’s a new print in our shop today: “clouds ahead” by Jens Grönberg. You who follow us on instagram (@breakfastdesign / @jennyfromdosfamily) know that we like photographing clouds, and here we made use of them for this print. Jens finalized it this weekend and it´s available in two sizes. 50x70cm 75EURO 70x100cm 90EURO Go to…