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May might be the pretties month

Skåne, where we live, is in full bloom. It takes Jens and I forever to go places because we need to stop for pictures everywhere. Jens made a short film of this kid´s place. Watch it below. Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign) Maj 10, 2016 kl. 7:01 PDT


The man behind the artwork

How a pancake becomes a moon on an album cover, how it is driving 3 hours to a beautiful little cottage to plug in computers and stare at a screen all day together with Axwell and how life is in the village in Skåne where Jenny & Jens lives. Check it all out in this…


Leaf Zombie

  Hey! This weekend we´ve been filming some material for an upcoming film for Axtone records. Jens has been crafting like the genius he is. Just look at this leaf zombie he made. Sunday is Funday! #autumn #fall #höst Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign) Okt 25, 2015 kl. 5:41 PDT Jens made this cute…

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