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Jenny and Jens on Instagram

Just want to make sure you´re all following me and Jens on Instagram, right? @jennyfromdosfamily and @breakfastdesign


Life at Jenny´s House

Some snaps from our house: 1. Leftover stuff from the making of our instagram-film 2. Leftover drawings from where Jens´ been sitting. 3. Breakfast 4. Our black bat cave. 5. New obsession – finding elephants and spray painting them. PS: Follow us on Instagram @jennyfromdosfamily and @breakfastdesign


Driving around, going to the beach and reading

Ett filmklipp publicerat av breakfastdesign (@breakfastdesign) Maj 29, 2016 kl. 12:41 PDT The summer has come to Sweden and knocked me off my feet. I´m trying to keep my work focus for at least a few hours in the morning, then head to the beach. Above- Jens made a film of us out driving =)…