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Life at Jenny’s House

Look at Saba. She loves that little shelf I built for her. From up there she can see far out on the fields. I cleaned out the studio, sorting all my frames. Looks pretty nice like that in a row. I love birds. Need to put some stripes or dots on this rocket. bye for…


Life at Jenny’s house

Easter starts now! Here’s what our house is feeling. 1. Kitchen light. 2. Studio light. 3. Prepping for a shoot. 4. When I’m driving to my house. 5. Taking care of my boots like a good girl. bye bye for now PS: More “Life at jenny´s house” posts are found here!


Life at Jenny´s house – Saturday morning

Since our kids have taken over our livingroom, lounging on the couches, watching TV and youtube at the same time, we decided to move our music into the kitchen. This has turned out to be quite a success. Now we can do our lazy ass cleaning to the sound of music. This weekend that´s pretty…

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