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Life At Jenny´s House

It´s getting darker. A lot darker. Here are some pictures of us staying inside listening to music while playing on our devices. 1. Sunday is “no pants all day” day 2. Frank made an awesome discovery all by himself on Youtube: A new season of his no. 1 show “Rescue Bots”  has been made. And…


Life At jenny´s House

Summer is treating us good this year. We´ve been busy hanging out with my sister and her family. The cousins have been playing and even Viola and Frank has been getting along nicely. This is Frank and Viola from this morning. Dressing each other is a great game. From our bookshelf My sister  (who is…


Life At Jenny´s House Through Photographer Lisa Wikstrand´s camera

Today´s “Life at Jenny´s house” is photographed by photographer Lisa Wikstrand Last week she came to visit me with her sister Johanna. (You might know Johanna better as AprillAprill. ) They both live in Helsingborg where Lisa also have her studio. Johanna’s daughters Lillo and Elsa came along. We had spaghetti, talked shop, blog and…