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February on DosFamily

Dear February! Today is your last day. During your 28 days we have felt many things. We have also created 36 post for our digital BFF ,this blog. Here are some highlights on Dos Family F E B R U A R Y  E D I T I O N 1. Jenny photographed yet another…


Life at Isabelle’s house

I’m doing a Jenny today and showing some small snaps of my home. 1. Kitchen top mess 2. Our wedding photo and a “how to manage the Tv” note for our parents when they babysit. 3. The pirate ship is never more than 2 feet from the boy. 4. Trying to get more summer in…


January on DosFamily

  Dear January! You have officially been conquered. You gave us dark and cold days. Freezing fingers and sick kids. But on the other hand you gave us the second season of Girls and Semlor and  Rihanna did dump “whatshisface” You also gave us the time to create 40 post for our digital baby- this…