I bought this couch for our country place a couple of years ago and the color that used to be on it had bothered me for a long time. (Brownish you can see some of it here in this last photo). Normally this couch is by our kitchen table – love having a couch next to the kitchen. Easy to go into food coma right after eating or just staying there  for a long time reading the papers in the morning.


The paint I got at the Swedish artist Carl Larssons house Sundborn. It’s Beckers that have made a special paint collection with hues from his house. I don’t think you can buy them elsewhere. It’s a pity since the colors are fantastic. I never been into orange but this one I love and in his house the color is everywhere. Then I did this perfect shade of green, in between on the bars.

The seat I covered with a cotton carpet a bargain from the sales at Indiska this summer. The cushions are a mix. Two plain ones from Ikea, two from the fleamarket where I also found a old pink folk costume apron that i made into a cushion cover and a hanging woven tapestry that I also made into a cushion.

Here you can see photos from when I was at Sundborn – Carl larssons home! One of the most inspiring homes I know!

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