Sundborn part 2 – the outtakes

We just had such a splendid day at Sundborn so I have to show you some more stuff!

Next to Carl Larssons house there is another home – Stora Hyttnäs still intact from this time period. (I guess the café added some new plastic stuff). Also possible to visit. I love these old shopping lists. But a bit troublesome though? I mean they couldn’t just take a snapshot of it and take to the store.

At Sundborn they had these curtains that visitors could embroid. such a great idea.

You can also buy the colors from Car l Larssons house. I bought number 11 & 12.

The kids could paint in the garden.

And what a lovely garden!

And before going back home we took a quick dip.




2 Responses to Sundborn part 2 – the outtakes

  1. Suzy August 1, 2013 at 13:08 #

    How very beautiful :-) you can smell creativity in the air, in fact anywhere you lay your eye on.
    Thank you Isabelle. You’re a rock ‘n roll mum!

  2. enannanhelena August 2, 2013 at 22:18 #

    Mm, så mycket fint och du fångar känslan så bra Isabelle! Förresten har jag precis en sådan där Moraklocka – fast i dockskåpsformat! :)


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