Getting ready for summer one un-subscription at a time.
Jens and I are going to have a full blown vacation at home with the kids this summer. I usually work during both July and August but not this year. I might sneak off and shoot a few homes that I stubble upon but other then that- nothing.

This week I´m going to tie all the loose ends together, write some invoices, set the TV to record any Days Of Our Lives that I might miss while I´m out swimming in the ocean or picking strawberries for the kids or plucking ticks off of them.

Also I´m unsubscribing to newsletters. Every day I get at least 8 of them in my inbox. “Friendly reminders” of new outfits in shops. Or “summer deals” I can´t miss. Or Ebay telling me: “Jenny! Here are a some auctions recommended for you” (See some of my Ebay-finds part 1 and part 2 and part 3 )

And also…
I really, really love Instagram at the moment.
I´m the kind of photographer that wants to be able to take a picture every moment of the day, but since I work as a photographer carrying around my Mark III everywhere really makes me feel like I´m working all the time. And as you can imagine that kinda sucks.
That is why I love my phone so much. It lets me take pictures- edit them and post them without the hassle of a camera that puts weight on not only my body but also my vacation mood.
And since I´m planing to spend my lazy days with my kids they are likely to get caught in my line of fire.
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