The cabinet in our livingroom used to belong to my grandfather Sven. He kept his camera stuff in it and we keep our stereo, computer and other cord-connected stuff that we need to play music, watch movies and so on. The cabinet had a really nice blue color but It has been beat up a lot so we decided to re do it. Jens made these collages that we printed on photographic paper. We glued them to the cabinet with wallpaper glue. This did not work as well as we wanted to though. The paper is just too stiff and thick for the wallpaper glue. We should have printed the pictures on wallpaper instead.  Oh well you live and learn. Right?

I freaking love the work Jens has put into this. I sure do love that mind of his.

testutskrift_kollage_r_83x49dosfamily-breakfastdesign-cabinet1dosfamily-breakfastdesign-cabinet2  testutskrift_kollage_83x491


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