Of course I´ve been browsing Ebay this summer!
Here are some pieces that I´ve considered buying.

Wanted to buy these two photographs so badly, but they were to pricy for me.

Hoping for lots of snow this winter so I can go sledding on this

Want to hang this photo in my kitchen. 

Crazy for Beetlejuice at the moment.

I´m sure we´ll have lots of fun with the clothes that are included in this book but I´m going to spunk their wardrobe up by letting them borrow some of Divine´s paper clothes as well.

This statue is as tall as our house so I had to pass.

I was so in love with Christian Slaters bad boy role in Heathers. So this I want badly. Hugs and kisses to the both of them!

PS: In Sweden this movie was titeld “Witches , Homework and deadly classes”  So corny.

More of my Ebay-finds found here!

And NO i did not win them all.