Today´s “Life at Jenny´s house” is photographed by photographer Lisa Wikstrand

Last week she came to visit me with her sister Johanna. (You might know Johanna better as AprillAprill. )
They both live in Helsingborg where Lisa also have her studio. Johanna’s daughters Lillo and Elsa came along. We had spaghetti, talked shop, blog and the kids hung out and listened to spotify.

All photos in this post are Lisa´s See her webpage here! She is also on Instagram @fruwikstrand
Check out Johanna´s blog here with shop! She is also on Instagram as @aprillaprilljohanna



Johanna shows Frank pictures of her husbands transformers. Now Frank wants to go to their house every day.


Frank sure loves Saba


Frank says he is the Penguin, life long enemy of Batman.140417jennybrandt_bylisawikstrand_03

These two girls- only one year apart- had a lot to talk about. I hope they get to meet again soon.


It looks like Johanna is telling Viola something inappropriate. I´m sure she was =)


Lillo and Viola really hit it off.

I really love this picture of me. Thank you Lisa for sending me these. Come back soon.