In this photo my little sister Alexandra just kidnapped me. It was fun.
Today however has been nothing but fun. Today has only sucked.
Let me tell you about it.

Jens and I have had this never ending story with fever and sore throats and yesterday a stomach bug hit Frank hard.
He started throwing up around nine o´clock last night and kept at it until early morning.
When Jens and I woke up (from a night of only 30 minutes of sleep at a time) Viola tells us Saba The Cat pooped on the floor.
I went downstairs for coffee only to realize that all the milk had spilled in the fridge. Screamed on the inside. Considered scooping up some of the milk that had ended up in a container with shredded cheese. But changed my mind when I saw the expired date on the cheese.
Instead I had my coffee black.

Checking out from work now (and everything else)
Hope your day will be better then mine.