I´m sure many of you have done it. And I´m sure many of you have said that they are never going to do it again but not quite kept the promise.

Watch this 34 minute long documentary by Werner Hertzog “From One Second To The Next- It can wait“.  About how texting while driving can effect your life.
“It is not easy viewing, but, for the “more than 40,000 high schools” and “hundreds of safety organizations and government agencies” where it will be shown, I suspect it will be effective. As Herzog says, “In one second, entire lives are either wiped out or changed forever.””

Thanks Mikaela Rudhner for the tip.


PS: Speaking of Werner Herzog: I love to listen to this man. He tells his stories without rushing it. While working I often listen to him in the background.
Here are a few short clips to get you started on this German filmmaker.
Listen to Werner Herzog talking about my favorite subject TV and Wrestlemania.
And then to this short clip with him talking about another favotire of mine John Waters

And for even more Werner click here for a longer interview.