Howdie book lovers!

I just got a question from Julie about what I’m reading at the moment. Well, right now I’m way over my head in some sort of heavy non fiction informational stuff for a project we are doing but this summer I’ve been reading some things.
This book,Β  The fault in our stars – was the best!
It’s a YA book but I don’t really see why. (well, no news there – Inever get that YA marking of books but anyway).
It’s the first book from John Green that I have read – and I truly loved it. Beautiful story. Sad but still so hopeful although doomed. Well just read it! Here is the link about it in the NY times. and on Johns website– with some spoiler q&a stuff for you who have read it already.
John Green also has this crazy vlog thing with his brother- immensely popular but I had missed it. Vlogbrothers you can find here.

I was lying. Im also reading the mortal instruments part 2 book but can’t get over the Star wars twist with Jace and Clary. But more about it later. I want to see the movie as well. The next thing I want to read is The Bone season from another very young and apparently talented woman.

And for you who have read Divergent- the movie is out next year- here is the trailer for it! And the third book Alligant will be out on October 22! Much to look forward to.