As I´ve told you before we have moved things around at our house. Frank has moved into Viola´s old room and Viola has moved in to our old office. Leaving us to work in the living room.  Whitch is fine, for now.

Violas´room is done now and it is freaking fabulous. Unfortunately we are “saving” it for a project Isabelle and I are working on. I could show you but then I would have to dispose of you afterwards. Sure it´s a cool room but really not worth getting disposed off for.

Instead I created a little teaser in our kitchen to show it´s style.

Naturally the room will have a kick ass attitude. There will also be pink. A built in bed.  And stuffed animals. A vanity table and a soft carpet. And the Blues brothers.

And no that is not “yet another sofa”. It is a small seating area combined with a phone table. That I picked up and and painted pink. (“Körsbärsblom” from Beckers)

Since this is a styling idea I´ve picked up from the punk rockers I did not worry to much about being tidy. I went all rebel on it and painted it with a a brush without any taping or masking.