Today I am going to take you with me on a thrifting adventure.

But before we start I want to give you a little background info on the fictional crime of this area and the hype around it.

I live just outside Ystad, way down south in Sweden. Ystad is a very pretty medieval town with a populations of 30 000. But according to author Henning Mankell´s books there should only be about 400 people left.

In his books about crime-fighter Kurt Wallander people get slayed left and right here. Lunatic priest, killer terrorist and random crazy people roam the medieval streets looking for new victims and plotting to take over the world. Many of the books (all?) have been turned in to movies and they are all recorded here in this area and on the set of Ystad Studios. Filmed in both Swedish and British versions. Maybe you´ve seen them?

Even though the films are about crime I think people who watch them think that Ystad (Or Skåne) does look pretty. Cause it really is and the movies show that off frequently. People in general here are really happy and proud of the films. Being an extra on set is something many Ystad-people can say they have been. Above is the British version of the hero Kurt Wallander , Kenneth Branagh (Press photo)

And this is the Swedish version of Wallander by Krister Henriksson and Linda Wallander played by Johanna Sällström. (Press photo)

The film crew have just finished  filming for the season and last Saturday there was a big ad in the papers announcing the sale of all the props used in the films. I went there with my friend Kicki.

They sold everything that you can imagine. Furniture. Plants. Clothes. Party-decor. Toys and even fire wood and shampoo. Things used to create the right set for the characters. What a fascinating and fun job it must be preparing sets.

Kicki found some curtains and asked about them while paying (above) the crew member said that they had hung at some dodgy character living in a trailer by the sea.
We were thrilled.

The prices were reasonable and it was not too crowded. In other words: Perfect! This couch was probably the most pricey item there. Just like the sign says it was Wallanders own. And speaking of couches….

Listen to this: As you know I am a couch-addict. Last summer I saw an ad at for a 70´s couch in orange corduroy. I let out a small scream and threw myself on the phone. The seller answered that the couch had already been sold to the Wallander-film studio. I said “oh” and broke open a box of Oreo cookies in despair. 

and guess what? First thing I see walking in the studio for the sale: is the orange couch. Again I let out a small scream and threw myself on it. It was finally mine. My precious.
Can you believe it? Well Jens could not believe how we could fit one more couch.

The local newspaper was there covering the event. They interviewed people (click link to see the video of me in action) about their finds and my couch made the cover.  And the next day a girl tells me on Instagram that she just heard about my find on the Tv show “Nyhetsmorgon”.

At the bottom of the screen it says “This mornings most important local news” This is hilarious.

Q: Do you know what Wallander film the couch will be in?
A: No they couldn’t say. Or wouldn’t? Maybe something really nasty has taken place in it. I will have to wait and see.


PS: I had so many alternative titles for this post
“How Jenny got her sofa and her groove back” or
“Murder on the sofa” or
“Wallander and Jenny has the same taste in sofas” or
“Jenny´s addiction made the news”