Ok let me tell you about Återskapa. It´s a creative studio run by Carin and Cia. In English “Recreate”.  They offer crafting workshops and are also open for “Drop in Art”. (Check web for dates, next time 2nd of June)

The studio is filled with colorful and sturdy crafting materials that you can construct your own art piece. And get this!! It is all from waste materials. All of it!!! They don´t even use a gluegun, that is how hard core they are!

Återskapa hired me to take some pictures of their business and I was so impressed with their “think out of the box”- kind of thinking. I felt the need to share it with you. Cause I know you are also “out of the box”-thinkers.

They collect waste from big local manufactures who create anything from interior for cars and furniture to socks and 3D glasses. Instead of throwing this in the dumpster they donate it to the studio.

Cia and Carin encourage people to think creatively about waste materials, finding new use. I love this.
Every city should have programs like this.
Visit their facebook page here and read more about them at aterskapamalo.se

PS. Also they have the coolest uniforms: Old nurse robes from Cia´s mom. And yes you´ve met Cia before.

All photos by me, Jenny Brandt for Återskapa, Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö.